Pressed for Time: PPL

Does this look decent

If I was pressed for time, curls and calf raises would be nowhere near my routine. That sort of stuff would be optional if I had some extra time… and even then I’d probably rather get in an extra set or two of the main movements. Instead of worrying too much about the warm-up time (which you should be doing on compound movements regardless of how they’re paired), you’re better off pairing contrasting movements like OHP and Chin-Up together so you can superset them. This type of programming will let you get a bit of frequency in and allow you to be fresher so you can attack each movement with the relevant body parts being fresher.

DB Row

Deadlift variation

Front Squat
Barbell Row

If equipment isn’t available, this style of programming will allow you to sub things in as you see fit. Bench taken? Do DB Bench, Dips, or even push-ups. No time to set up a Barbell Row? Get on the Seated Cable Row because it requires less time to prepare and warm-up safely. All the racks taken? Swap OHP for DB Press, or a Squat variation for Leg Press.


Maybe consider something like this is you are pressed for time. Takes a lot of the thinking out of training, so you can focus on the newborn

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Where do you train (home or a gym) and what do you want out of it?

I like the above two suggestions for you.

There’s lots of ways to do this. I like fewer, very intense sets. I’d probably steer away from a barbell if I was doing a lot of this.

You could also do your barbell moves at a gym and just do bodyweight/ band work for volume (so we can still do those curls and side raises) whenever at the house.

If you care about strength, or fat loss, or muscle gain, my answers will differ slightly.