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Press Ups

Hey guys,

simple question really.

are press ups any good for building muscle?

and if so, what muscles do they build?

thanks for any answers but please dont answer sarcastically.


If you don’t have much lifting history, pushups can build some mass… as long as you’re eating enough.

Muscles worked - pecs, anterior delts, serratus anterior, triceps, a host of other stabilizers, TVA.

Once you get to a certain point though, building muscle will slow and you’ll start building endurance. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but if size is what you’re going for, compound moves with freeweights are going to be the best.

Also, once regular pushups become too easy, you can start moving the hands further down from the shoulders to add resistance. Cuts down on the ROM, but definitely develops strength through the chest, shoulders and stabilizers.

Take it far enough and you’ll end up doing a full-body pushup, which is known in gymnastics as a planche. where your hands are nearly down by your waist.