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Press Ups/Pull Ups Every Day?



After reading various articles re press ups and pull ups every day I have wondered how effective they are for both adding size to your tri's chest and upper back, and on training as a whole.

I was considering the following:
Wide/Normal Pull Ups/Chin Ups 30-50 reps a day depending on how I feel (Lats get very sore the day after deads so would be 30 there for example)
Diamond Press Ups 100 reps per day aim done in a GVT format for speed and efficiency really, then when that gets easy obv just go sets of 20 etc.

Has anyone tried any programs like these or anything like I mentioned above before, I want to do them so my main workouts can stay clutter free and quick, but then get some added bodybuilding/fitness work i.e higher reps in as and when, around workouts.

Any opinions much appreciated. Thanks.


I use to do that kind of workout years ago and it kept me fresh. Now that you mention it it was one of the best workout I had. 35 sets of 30 push up and dips until failure and pull ups until failure.


Theres a reason most sports S&C coaches have players do somewhat similar workouts 5-6 days a week on top of everything else :wink:


I have done Chad Waterbury's PRP program for 60 days and the results on my upper body were amazing as I had spilled Chad and told him. This is basically where if you can 10 pullups straight, then you start out from day 1 doing ten pullups, ten reverse lunges, and ten pushups to your existing routine. Then just add a rep to each exercise for the next 60 days. I had not taken measurements, but i don't doubt I've put on 3/4 inch on my arms and chest as well. Now I stick with 60 pushups and 60 pullups per day to maintain the upper body size increase, as Chad wrote for me to do. The high frequency training really works!