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Press/Squat Rocks!

Forced to cut my lunchtime workout short today and get back to work, I was quickly breaking down the weights on the squat rack, and suddenly looked at the bar and thought “I can’t pass this up.” Did my first press/squat and LOVED it. Started adding weight to the bar and doing more sets. MAN does it work your whole body. Had me breathing heavy more than the squats I had been doing–which probably just shows that I was dogging it on squats.

Anyone else try these? How do you like them?

Agreed! These have been the key exercise for helping me develop the ability to overhead squat.

Aside from that, they are a tremendous total body lift that I love and hate at the same time. (I think you know what I mean)

Love em! In fact, overhead squats and overhead-press-squats are my favorite ab exercise!

I asked this in a previous thread, and got some good responses, but since everyone’s here talking about it, I’ll ask again. I do these barefoot. I also can’t seem to get in the full squat position without coming up on the balls of my feet. I could do it with flat feet, but then my whole upper body lurches forward, and obviously that’s not an option when you’re simultaneously pressing weight overhead! I’ve gotten advice about stretching my calves/ankles, and hips. Are you guys able to go all the way down flat-footed, and if so, did you need any preparation in terms of stretches, etc.? Thanks…

It took me a while too. It just takes lots of practice.

nickasu, I have the same problem. I keep it at bay by stretching out my calves and hams thoroughly before I squat and it really helps.

Jason, I know what you mean! Felt great, but MAN does it take a lot out of you, although not the same way deadlifting does.

Nickasu, I’m careful to stretch my calves and hamstrings a lot, so maybe that’s why going real low and keeping feet flat wasn’t tricky my first time. But I’ll confess that I was just starting and had very little weight on the bar, so I’m sure it gets trickier when trying to balance heavier weight above your head. I’m looking forward to adding more weight and doing them when I can devote more time.

Thanks, guys. The stretching and practice makes perfect appears to be the consensus. I will carry on with that plan, then. Thanks again!


Forgot to mention - a slightly wider stance and pointing the toes outward a little more helps too.

nickasu - I agree with Patman on the foot spacing.

For some more good information on improving your shoulder flexiblity, check out a thread titled “Overhead Squat Flexibility” that was started by me in Christian’s forum. You may have to search for it, but there is a lot of good information that would pertain to your ability to do overhead squatting.

don’t forget to push the elbows out! helps keep the bar stable overhead.

besides stretching out the calves you might consider posterior chain strength.

I’m not sure how strong your hammies, erectors, yada yada, are but they could be the weak link.

If you gots a strong backside, then forget what I said. I’ll blame it on the crack I just had.

I dont know if this is the “correct” way to practice narrow stance squats…
BUT… I statred off wide stance and toes outward. Went up to pretty high weights (about 500lb) after about 2 years of squatting hard varying reps and speeds but still using the wide stance(high bar) I was never able (flexibility issues) to do a narrow (shoulder width) stance squat to parallel or below due to ankle/hip flexibility (or so i thought)… but… then i tried a few weeks ago narrow stance with comparatively light weights (about 225) and it was NO PROBLEM?!! even to rock bottom. now im up to 315 for 8-10 reps for the narrow stance squat which i could not even do before without falling over!! so i think flexibility may be an isue but maybe the wode stance squats help with hip/glute/ham strength to the point where its inly quad strength holding me back from better close stance squats now!! Once again i dont know if this is correct way to train but itt sure is working for me.