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Press Secretary Nabbed...


Homeland Security Deputy Press Secretary Nabbed for Kiddie Solicitation


Damn those pesky liberals, they're always making smoke where there's no fire.


I guess we know why it's taking so long to make progress on security issues...


Let's start a pool:

Does this guy even get indicted?

I say no jail time, transferred to a different jerb -- a la catholic priest.



I didn't think this is what they were talking about when they were talking about getting some new blood in the administration.


He was investigating her as a terrorist (her parent's are democrat)and he was merely setting up a full body search.


It might become an even bigger deal, as he disclosed at least the number to a government issue cell phone to a person he never met. Security breach, anyone?


I hope the guy get's convicted and sentenced harshly. He's in the process of getting extradited to Polk County Fla. It seems the Sheriff is particularly focused on computer predators in that county.


A reflection of our current government as a whole.


Yes. They are all child molesters.


More of a reflection of the worst of society.


Some of them are. If you do some searches you will find more than you realize are being caught for deviant behavior. I was referring to how more and more government officials are being exposed as scumbags of the first order.


Society as a whole is trying to go down the toliet too.


I often think that anyone that wants to govern others must be a scumbag.

It is rare that someone wants to actually do good although they all claim it.




...That's why they're government officials.


LOL! True, very true!



Another DHS official a sex criminal.


That was a very silly statement.


Unfortunately he will probably not get the sentence he deserves. We have been too darn leanient on the death penalty as of late.


How is it silly when your next post says?:

Is this not also a reflection of our current government as well? We have morally bankrupt and corrupt individuals in many positions of authority throughout our current government and the weakening of our systems allows people like this to thrive. In other words, he reflects what is being created.

Or was your statement just as silly because you have already judged that his crime should have the death sentence attached to it? Don't get me wrong, if it was up to me, he would get two to the back of the head and dumped in the nearest landfill. I'm just questioning your statement as being just as silly.


The people who should be involved in our government don't want to be. Instead, we get people who are trying to fulfill their own personal agendas.