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Press Reset

Last week, I reset my Press TM back because I wanted to tighten my form up (I’d been not locking out all the way and doing a slight push press). On 5’s week (while being more strict with form) I got a solid 8, and today for 3’s week I got 4. Are these too low to be getting on the final set? Or can I gain some momentum with these numbers.

Your TM should be 85-90% of your actual max (done in weight room, not at meet) or your predicted max.
How many reps you get is not a good way to tell your TM - you have good and bad days.

Thanks Jim; yeah I use 90% of TM; I dropped my TM and took 90% of that to base my sets off of. I’ve been using your program for a while and really really like it. I’ve just been frustrated with Press progress as of late. I ended doing 3 sets of 4 today @ 90% for 3’s week with the lead up set of course. Then I did 5 sets of 10 pyramid-down style BBB.