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Press Progression


Obviously press is going to be one of the movements that does not progress as easily as the other movements. I have noticed that I am starting to edge to the point where I am struggling with the + sets on press days. For example this week is 3 sets of 3, and I only got 4 on the + set.

I did notice that I will be working a lot with the weight in the coming weeks so perhaps I will get better and stronger with it. What I am wondering is what I might be able to do assistance wise to help with this movement?

For what its worth, My current training max is 140lb on the press, but I had to bust ass and start to lean back just a hair to get 4 reps at 135lbs. I can do the 5x10 @ 60% fairly easily, should I maybe leave the Training Max here going into the next cycle or just keep moving forward until I stall out completely?


Lower your TM. Use search option for “5 forward 3 back” from this site.


also: do not make judgement about your pressing strength according to one workout. You’ll see your situation when you have gone through whole cycle. If all days (3x3,3x5,5/3/1) were hard and it was difficult to hit amrap sets, your TM is prob. too high.