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Press Bodyweight

185lbs so far at 218-220lb bodyweight, need to lean up a bit before I get close :slight_smile:

But 275 is my goal


I don’t even own a tube of Ben Gay. With me It’s all about what you put “in” your body, not “on” your body. (Not trying to hijack).

Dont worry guys. I have been in the gym long enough, about 8 years now, and have been fortunate to learn a lot from older and bigger guys in the gym. The ironic thing about my buddy is that he hasnt been training that long. Every now and again we get the opportunity to train together. We love too, but not often enough. He has taught me some shoulder tricks and i have taught him some benching/pressing tricks. Learning is always a two way street, you give and take.

You are correct about learning. I learned a lot from the old dogs (Mel, Zatsiorsky, Kurz, my dad), but I enjoy learning from the young pups (Christian T, Chad W, Joe D).

Weight: 160. Best Bench: 330. RLTW


Never mind, guys. Thought it was bench. RLTW


nice bench for your weight

im 170 and i do seated military presses with 165 for 5, not quite my weight yet but im sure ill be doin 170 within 2 weeks.