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Press Bodyweight

Hey all…just a quick poll - who here can do a strict standing shoulder press with the equivalent to their bodyweight on the bar? When I say strict - I mean it - no leg/knee dip, no staggered stance, no excessive back bend…

Just curious - it is one of my goals to achieve (I weigh 180 so it’s not a super huge weight)… Thanks

Strict military press 95kg at Bodyweight 88kg. PR last week. Took me about a month to get it up from 82.5kg.

Sorry, but i only do seated military press with the barbell. However, i knocked off 275 for 7 reps yesterday.

surely a slight bend in the knee shouldn’t be regarded as a bad thing…

(oh, and no - I’m far too weak to standing shoulder press 124Kg :slight_smile:


Current BW 220lbs, Current Clean and Press 264lbs. Press = strict feet together military.

damn…some strong lads here…

Creed - 12.5kilos up in a month?!! what type of program were/are you following? that’s an impressive increase!

Rick - that is a rugged clean and press. Your presses are pretty strict, or do you allow for a little backward movement of the torso? (as I remember, this is why the IWF “stopped the press” as an official lift - to hard to judge what was strict and what was not).

Thanks for your input guys… and that dude who did 275 seated for 7reps? man… it would be interesting to see how that translates into a standing press.

I am only now cleaning (power) and jerking (power) bodyweight.

Cleaning (power) and pressing (military) bodyweight is a little way away.

I can, or at least could a few months ago: I weighed 185 and did 195 for a triple. I went back to benching, however, and I found that in a short time I lost a ton of overhead strength–I managed 180 for a single, with a lot of struggle, a week ago, and I weigh 175. After this semester, i hope to get my diet and sleep in order, so that I can build both my bench and overhead press. As long as we are on this subject, is it a big imbalance, if I could bench almost 300 when I could only overhead press 195?

I think the overhead press is great, but why is this one of your goals?

My dad was a press specialist on the Polish OL team, back in the late 50s, so I guess it is in the genes. I try to keep it as strict as possible when going for a max (no more lean then my normal rack arch), but when I train for the press I hit it both lose and strict. I also include 19-30 sec over head lockouts while shifting from a “straight” to leaning position.

BTW I kind of take a westside approach and train the press by doing other max effort exercises, such as handstand pushups, push presses, jerks, etc. 90% of the time.

using westside barbell type training. That was a supplemental exercise I did on DE Bench days. The increased tricep strength from all the westside stuff really helped. Did this in four workouts and IMO anymore would just result in me getting weaker. The reason I could do it for this many is because I hadn’t used this movement for several months.

I can press my bodyweight (187lbs.) over head. I can also do seated dumbbell presses with two 80lb. dumbbells for reps.

I have never trained Westside, but I can see where their methodologys would be helpful.

I dont think i can do my body weight with a standing press, I weigh 250lbs. I might consider doing them more often, but they put a lot of stress on the lumbar region of my back. If i trained them serious i could probably muscle out 1-3 at 225, but that might take several months of serious training.

Pretty good numbers for someone in their 40s. You would love one of my buddies. You remind me of him. He is 42 and weighs 220lbs and competes in the master’s amateur level body building shows.

best i have right now is a hang clean and press of 125# at 160# bw


If people in their 40’s and 50’s can stay healthy and injury free there is no reason they cannot see improvements. At least that’s the way it has been in my case.

Does anyone else find that the sticking point in military presses is just above the eyebrows?

Bodyweight plus 50lbs.
Alot of years of heavy pressing.


I’m 43 and strength and speed are not a problem. My dad is 68 and still raw benching 340-350 lbs at about 185.

Zeb and Rick,
I think it is absolutely awesome that individuals in their 40s and older can succeed and make incredible progress in the weight room. I perfectly understand that if you put your mind to something that you will and can succeed. However, i understand how heavy lifting can be on the body. Every time my buddy is in the gym you can smell the ben gay all over him. He is showing a little wear and tear but is one of the strongest and most defined sob’s in the gym. Everyone gawks at him. I will be 25 soon and only hope and can still be busting ass in the gym when i am in my 40s.

those old motherfuckers with the “bengay smell” all over em, are the ones you listen too. cause theyre still there. kicking ass. not at home with mommy.

train hard,
ryan b.