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President's Speech to School Kids


I'm far from a political person, but the people that take issue with this need to grow the fuck up.


What is wrong with talking to the youth? What is wrong with the questions that are suggested of students to try and answer.


Let the guy talk to the youth


If he was going to get up there and say "work hard stay in school" and sit down then I would agree with you. Chances are though hes going to use it as a chance to further his political agenda to kids.


So, because people assume he might do something, it shouldn't be allowed?

I for one think it's great for a president to address the youth, it might hopefully get them more involved or spark some interest


I have no problem with it all. It'll be cool for the kids to have the US President speaking to them. And, if it's basically, an "education is good for you, so stay in school" deal, what's the problem?


Its not the speech itself that bothers most people. Presidents have done this kind of speech before. It was the lesson plan that the Dept. of Education sent out with a bunch of leading questions like "What can you do to help and support the president", and "How did the president inspire you today?". I believe that lesson plan has since been retracted or modified. Either way, things are a bit too tense right now to be getting political with peoples kids. Its not surprising that this touched a nerve.


Help and support him with what? With the idea of getting kids to stay in school? To realize the importance of their education? I'm assuming the question is related to the topic of his speech.

Seriously, these distractions are starting to annoy me. There really are serious issues that we can disagree with him on. Heck, some of his ideas rightfully deserve outrage. So, can we stop distracting from the real stuff, with all this birther, hand-washing, "stay in school" speech, stuff?


You should have some kids first before you throw mine under the bus.


This is the same guy who labeled the Crowley/Gates incident as a teachable moment. Obama is not someone I would want my kids (if I had any) to learn from. He stirred up a hornet's nest of problems and should focus on the mess he has created.

Let kids be kids. They hardly know themselves, let alone the POTUS. Does a 7th grader even know what the stimulus bill, healthcare bill, Cash 4 Clunkers programs are and how they impact the economy? They are way too young to fully understand these concepts. I know here in LA, kids perform worse than the rest of the country, and you want them to write about how Cap and Trade will help or hurt? Cousin please.


Well then it's a good thing those aren't going to be included in Obama's speech.

From what the Prez said, it sounds like it is going to be a glorified "Be Cool, Stay in School!" speech. Looking back on when I was a kid, I would've used this as an opportunity to catch up on Z's.


If he keeps it to that, then my hat's off to him. That's a totally appropriate thing to do.



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The Nazis talked with school kids too!


Maybe Obama can lead a sing-a-long...


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I don't want the President addressing school children and advising them of anything.

I surely don't trust Obama to do the right thing. At best his speech could offer encouragement. At worst it will be self serving political indoctrination. His history should tell you what he plans.

I've spoken with my son. They are not showing it at his school.


didn't realize there were so many wankers on the boards


"I'm going to be making a big speech to young people all across the country about the importance of education; about the importance of staying in school; how we want to improve our education system and why itâ??s so important for the country. So I hope everybody tunes in."

What a fucking cunt. I can't believe the nerve of this guy.


There are too many "If he only....." answers above. I, unlike most of the above posters, have two elementary age children. My school principle has sent home permission slips, giving the parent the right to make the decision to view or not to view, and I very much respect this.

As for my decision, my children will not watch this speech at school. Not knowing, (or trusting) what Obama will say, I do not want my children watching in an environment where the child to teacher ratio is so high.

What I have decided to do is to Tivo the speech. My wife and I will set down with our children and watch it with them. If we object to anything he says, I will pause the recording and discuss the offending message with my children.

My personal opinion is that this is how such a speech should have been handled from the start. It should have been held at night, with children at home with their parents.


Are there any democrats that don't want him giving this speech?


..your paranoia is reaching pathological proportions fellas...