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Presidential Eulogies: Trump and Obama

As I was looking for the Conservative Strategist behind the mastery of the “Attack/Negative” Ad…I came across an interesting article about the difficulty many had (the press; colleagues; many North Carolinians)…as they pondered the things that were said…and most importantly NOT said…in Eulogy of the Firebrand segregationist Senator Jesse Helms. Even News Outlets labeled as “Liberal” felt it best to “tone it down” and leave out his documented racist and homophobic statements and stands that were throughout his career. As opposed to today; some felt it not only would have been unprofessional…but it would have amounted to editorial suicide. Certainly not all followed this type of editorial restraint; but many did.

It began to make be ponder on President Obama and Trump. Two controversial and divisive (for different reasons, IMO); who were back-to-back President’s at a pivotal time in American History.

Who will speak at, and attend, their funerals?

What will be left IN…and most importantly left OUT of their eulogies?

Will it be unavoidable to “compare and contrast” two men chronologically bound by history?

What will be their legacies? And who will ultimately define those legacies?

It is worth some thought and discussion.


(P.S. President Clinton’s Eulogy will be another interesting one worth pondering…)

Here is one of the editorials from “The Huffington Post”: