Presidential Debate #3

I agree. Often enough, nothing is better than something.

That debate is heating up!

With her answer on wikileaks she acknowledged the authenticity of the leaks

Not exactly. Obama sure thinks he can, but not all federal judges are his appointees and they have disagreed on numerous occasions.

Chris Wallace did a great job, otherwise the debate was meh.

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Trump wants to cooperate with Russia and Assad to fight ISIS.

Hillary wants to blame everything on Russia and push for war

Well I completely agree with that. Unfortunately Trump cannot and won’t win, and the GoP was stupid enough to screw up their best chance at controlling all 3 houses in over 20 years.

Yep reeealy hope we get some ‘Regular Joe’ candidiates next time

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“Nasty Woman… and the Bad Hombres”

  • would be a great name for a biker bar.

I’m just glad this phase is over.

It’s time to get on with it.

Just quit watching about 1/2 way and went to commentary to hear summaries.

The main story seems to be Trump said he may not accept the result of the election, he will keep us in suspense. Other than that, he did ok, not great but ok.

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A lone poll bright spot for Trump.
However noted as the most accurate poll last 3 Pres elections.

I thought that the peaceful transition of power applied to the transition from one president to the next, so what would it matter if he loses and doesn’t accept it, or wins and it is a non issue?

More media trying to spin straw into gold.


In 2000, Gore didn’t concede anything until the Supreme Court ruled on it. But apparently because Trump suggests a potentially similar situation, it’s a thing now.

Bunch of fainting couch snowflake Liberals clutching their pearls over nothing.


he did the same in the primaries. Why the surprise?

Anyone else love the fact they asked her about her Pay for Play activity?

This is utter nonsense. Any candidate who confesses that he won’t accept the results of a presidential election is making a stupid, dangerous, and un-American statement.

“Republicans: the Party of Liberty…Oh, and Autocratic Strongmen!”

Of course, it’s also bad politics - for the next 20 days, he’ll be reminded of this statement. Not that it matters that much at this point. Trump is an unqualified buffoon, but mostly what he is is a choke artist - the biggest contest and deal of his life, and he barely prepares, doesn’t organize, and performs horribly.


One thing you have to give Clinton Credit for…she knew exactly where to hit Trump at…and that is square in the heart of his enormous ego.


  1. He thinks demeaning women makes him “big”.

  2. He would be a puppet of Putin.

For the Life me (and maybe you guys can give some thoughts)…why he wouldn’t say unequivocally that he would except the outcome of the election. (By the way…those responsible for the elections in the States that I know of…and the processes they have in place…are some of the most stringent that one will ever see. Also the top people appear to take their job extremely seriously.)

It’s also been proven that Voter Fraud, while not absent; is minuscule in the United States.

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I don’t know about you guys…but I know of few men who would like being called a Small-dicked Puppet…especially not one with the ego of Trump.

Agreed; however, we are talking about a significant number of people who have bought into the Trump phenomena hard. I can see a potentially explosive and dangerous situation if Trump balks at the results.

If it happens, do I think it will result in violence? No, not at this point, but it doesn’t take much to shift from pissed to violent.

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