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President of the US Picks

Hmmm. Really tough.

  1. Hillary and Paul Ryan. I think the GOP is headed for a contested convention and I see it as a chance to start over after a horrid nomination process. They won’t pick Trump, for obvious reasons - he’s the reason for the contested convention. They won’t pick Cruz because his top skill seems to be to make anyone he works with hate his guts (even beyond the Senate) and he is a general election liability. (He will also depress the so-called “populist” vote as they all come to the sad realization he ain’t no populist.)

  2. Hillary.

  3. Honestly, I don’t like any of them and wish they all could lose. If the candidate is actually Paul Ryan, I’d consider voting for him. I have no doubts he will try to do what he thinks best for the country, even though I won’t agree with him on a number of things (including his dogmatic loyalty to supply-side economics to cure what ails us). But I dont* doubt his heart or character.

*edited to include

Just to expand on something TB said.

I thought that Cruz and Ryan “could” make a strong COMBINATION (with Ryan still as House Speaker; NOT as VP). I thought Ryan could kind of “balance” Cruz’s tendency to piss people off and not get much done legislatively.

Now many are wondering if the House and Senate will be put into total disarray with a Trump nomination, making this all a moot point.

This Political year is working out to be ANYTHING but boring, that’s for sure.

I don’t see how Ryan can be the nominee. He was Romney’s VP pick and as silly as I think it sounds, you don’t get any more “establishment” than that. If the GOP powers have a brain at all they will not try and force a Ryan nomination. Wait 4-8 years for that.

  1. Hillary and Trump (I hope not, but he has defied all odds so far)
  2. Hillary (somehow… good god she’s an awful candidate but against Trump anyone with a D next to their name will win)
  3. Kasich or Paul Ryan

I could maybe get convinced for Cruz because he would limit government for fiscal purposes… but if you ask any of his colleagues he has never worked with others well and he scares me with how he would approach social issues.

I’m curious, when you say this what are you specifically talking about. I’ve heard many times that his fellow Senators don’t like him but I’ve never heard any specifics as to why.



I don’t think this whole “non-establishment” angle matters as much at a contested convention. If you’ve reached the point of a contested convention, there are serious questions about winning. The “anti-establishment” has shit the bed during the nomination process and delivered up the worst general election candidate imaginable. And now that has to be fixed if there is any chance of winning.

I don’t see Ryan as either establishment it anti-establishment in any event, which is why he was the choice for Speaker.

Ryan might not be the guy, but I don’t think Trump or Cruz will be. Maybe Kasich?

But I definitely see the GOP finally realizing that the stakes are too high and that intervention is required. And how the GOP got to this point after the electoral successes it has had during Obama’s tenure is nothing short of astonishing. Completely wasting an opportunity given to them.

I hope you’re right. I guess we’ll see.

I’m certainly not in the group that’s “in the know” about Washington, but from what I’ve heard/read the number one reason is that Cruz is all about Cruz. He would only work with a colleague on something if it benefited his political career.

I’ll use the government shutdown as an example. I have heard/read that Cruz did the shutdown not because he was standing for anything, but because he knew that it would get him national attention, he could use it as a talking point, and it would benefit his career. He knew there was no possible way the GOP would win the standoff, it would make the GOP look bad, but would benefit him.

On a more personal observation, Cruz is an religious idealist with specific uncompromising views. I live in Texas, and my entire family is afraid of his stances because of what they have seen when it comes to social issues. I understand that to a true conservative his no compromise stance sounds good, but to me it he is one of, if not the most right-wing candidate. I’m not a fan of either party’s extreme rhetoric. When you get elected you cannot only represent the extreme point of view, you have to represent and work with the entire US. Unfortunately on both sides a moderate view has become wrong.

First, good explanation and I appreciate it.

Secondly, I agree that you must be President to all of the people. But, look at what has happened over the past 7+ years. Obama has dragged the country to the extreme left. What has it brought us? Our enemies do not fear us and our friends do not trust us. Economically, we have over 40 million on food stamps. A low unemployment rate because we do not count people who have given up looking for work and are now living off the government. Also, we have the most racial unrest in about 40 years…in short we are a mess. Perhaps someone like Cruz, being as far right as he is, can actually pull us back to the center?

Just a thought.

We certainly cannot afford 4 years of Hillary Clinton. Although I think she would be far better than Obama in just about every way. Bill Clinton was at least pragmatic and not a left wing ideologue like Obama. Of course Hillary is not Bill.

I agree on all 3 points. Economy, foreign policy, and welfare programs have not done well under Obama and I think Cruz would do a good job on those.

On the fiscal points you mentioned, Cruz would pull us back to where I think we should be. I do not have the same feelings on social issues, which is why I am hesitant about Cruz.

If Hillary does get elected I certainly hope she governs like Bill did in his second term. Much different than how Obama has operated, as you mention. I think that might be a bit optimistic though.

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He’s going to institute a Theocracy! Abortion will be illegal, gays will be imprisoned or shot, and all dissent of the official church teaching will result in exile or mutilation!

But, Ted Cruz is not a Muslim, so where does this fear come from?

To the original thread.

  1. Hilary and Cruz
  2. Hilary
  3. Cruz (Previously Rand Paul)

I think Trump will lose the nomination and throw such a hissy fit that he convinces his supporters to stay home in protest.

Yes, Cruz is a classic political opportunist interested in Ted Cruz’s career. He isn’t the successful guy who’s finally gotten disgusted with establishment politics and is now running to fix things - he’s That Guy who’s been running for president since kindergarten, and he was for the establishment until it became politically advantageous not to be.

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