President of the US Picks

Rules for this thread are simple:

  1. Post who you think the Democrat and Republican nominees will be,
  2. Post who you think will win the election
  3. Post who you want to win the election.

You can write all you want about why your choices are correct, but the purpose of this thread isn’t to debate others’ choices. We already have a thread for that. It’s simply to have one, centralized place where we each can lay out our guesses and our reasoning.

  1. Hillary and Trump
  2. Hillary
  3. Gary Johnson, ideally, or a Republican not named Trump.

Well this is no fun, my picks are the same as yours. For #3 if it was limited to primary candidates that ran in a major party I would go with Paul or Rubio.

For #2 I also think Hillary will win by over 55% of the popular vote, or at least more than Obama got on the last 2 elections.

Agree on #1 & #2. #3 Kasich (wanted Fiorina when she was in)

  1. Hillary & Trump
  2. Hillary.
  3. Trump

I think Hillary will win due to growing tension and violence at Trump rallies. At some point it will become unsurmountable. Something bad will happen and regardless of the who’s and what’s, when apersons name is plastered all over something they are responsible for it.

  1. Hillary and Cruz (I’m an optimist…)
  2. Cruz (because Kasich is the running mate)
  3. any Libertarian (not realistic of course) (although Cruz had me at “abolish the IRS”)

Trump is outfoxing all of them, and with the establishment plotting to upend Trump and Cruz at the convention, it would not surprise me if Trump asks Cruz to drop out in exchange for being his VP pick and Trump gets all of Cruz’s delegates.

Between Trump and Cruz, that’s 75% of the delegate count at least, giving the finger to the establishment.

Bill O’ Reilly a day or two ago:

'Ted Cruz will offer John Kasich the vice president slot before the Republican convention begins. It’s a delegate and Ohio play."

(I just realized Maximus used the word “outfox” wrt Trump LOLLL -Trump has absolutely HATED Seth Meyers ever since Meyers roasted Trump at a White House press corp bash by saying there was a fox sitting on top of Trump’s head LMAO.)

  1. Hilary and Cruz
  2. Cruz
  3. Cruz
  1. Hillary and Trump
  2. Hillary
  3. Cruz (Abolishing IRS; flat tax; downsizing Government; even though my gut feeling is that he would not have the ability/temperament/desire to build a consensus to get those things done, and would rather get bogged down in more “social” issues).

Huf Post (I detest & didn’t link) just had an article saying at convention:
Kasich with Rubio as VP to appeal to establishment and Tea party.

All I could think of was Sears buying out Kmart - 2 losers joined for death spiral.
Sorry no picks yet, but voted Cruz in primary.

I know plenty of people don’t believe this but Hillary is damaged goods and she’s not winning any election for President ever. Secondly, she has about 200 FBI agents digging through her emails and also the Clinton foundation. I am thinking they will turn up something.

With that said she may be indicted prior to the convention if so she won’t even be the nominee. But if indicted after the convention, once they cannot take it away from her, she loses big. If a recommendation of indictment comes from FBI Director Comey and there is no indictment because the Obama administration play politics she still won’t win as that will look incredibly bad for her.

So I have no idea who the democrats will put up if there is an indictment before the convention. I will guess Biden.


Damaged Hillary or senile Biden vs. Cruz with Kasich as his running mate. The RNC will never allow Trump the nomination unless he hits 1237 delegates which I think is unlikely.

Cruz wins because he wins Ohio and Florida.

And it is no secret that Rubio was my first choice.

If I was able to vote in the US election this would be my top 3 picks.

  1. Bernie Sanders.

  2. Jill Stein.

  3. Hillary Clinton.

Thankfully you can’t… :grin:



LOL, I was expecting that response.

I wonder what it is you don’t understand about hard work, capitalism and…ah forget it there is only one USA.

  1. Hillary and Trump
  2. Hillary
  3. Cruz.

Basically gonna agree with Mufasa’s picks. If the republicans run Trump, the high likelihood is a loss.

Hmmm. Really tough.

  1. Hillary and Paul Ryan. I think the GOP is headed for a contested convention and I see it as a chance to start over after a horrid nomination process. They won’t pick Trump, for obvious reasons - he’s the reason for the contested convention. They won’t pick Cruz because his top skill seems to be to make anyone he works with hate his guts (even beyond the Senate) and he is a general election liability. (He will also depress the so-called “populist” vote as they all come to the sad realization he ain’t no populist.)

  2. Hillary.

  3. Honestly, I don’t like any of them and wish they all could lose. If the candidate is actually Paul Ryan, I’d consider voting for him. I have no doubts he will try to do what he thinks best for the country, even though I won’t agree with him on a number of things (including his dogmatic loyalty to supply-side economics to cure what ails us). But I dont* doubt his heart or character.

*edited to include