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President of Poland dead


"A nation in mourning: Poland's president and wife among at least 88 dead as their plane crashes in Russia"

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1264964/BREAKING-NEWS-Plane-carrying-Polish-president-crashes-Russia.html


R.I.P. to everyone on that flight.


Beat ya to it :wink:



My condolences to our Polish friends here on T-Nation.



RIP, very sad stuff.




X 2

That's some fucked up shit.


This is a tragedy for Poland. My wife, who is Polish, spoke with her cousin and aunt earlier today - people are shocked and deeply saddened. The passengers were enroute to a ceremony to mark the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre, where Soviet forces murdered some 20,000 Poles. This is just a partial list of government leaders and others who died in the crash.

Lech Kaczysnki - Polish president.
Maria Kaczynska - The president's wife
Ryszard Kaczorowski - Poland's last president-in-exile
Aleksander Szczyglo - head of the National Security Office
Pawel Wypych - presidential aide
Mariusz Handzlik - presidential aide
Jerzego Szmajdzinski - deputy parliament speaker
Andrzej Kremer - Deputy Foreign Minister
Gen. Franciszek Gagor - head of the army chief of staff
Andrzej Przewoznik - minister in charge of WWII memorials
Slawomir Skrzypek - head of the National Bank of Poland
Janusz Kurtyka - head of the National Remembrance Institute
Przemyslaw Gosiewski - lawmaker
Zbigniew Wassermann - lawmaker
Grzegorz Dolniak - lawmaker
Janusz Kochanowski - civil rights commissioner
Bishop Tadeusz Ploski - army chaplain

And to Sen Say re your unfortunate post above, please show some respect for the dead and to the people of Poland.


Was he an entrepreneur?




may they rest in peace


I heard on the radio 132 people were killed but there again im hearing different numbers on different stations. There was a lot of important people on that plane...terrible tragedy


Do we know for sure it was a crash and not an assassination?


Not trying to be a jerk, but why is everyone in Poland so heart broken about it? The reaction seems more appropriate for losing a close personal friend rather than a leader of a nation. Is there something I'm missing?

Regardless, you have my prayers. I'm just curious why it's being treated like it is.


Besides it being very said that a large number of government leaders all died in one crash..who were apparently very well liked..they were going to a memorial service for a WW2 tragedy. The U.S usually doesnt like its president whether its because hes an idiot or for other reasons..think of it more in the context of 9/11.


Thanks for the explanation. Starting to understand it a little better.


This reeks of conspiracy.


Not really.

The planes they used were known to cause problems before, so it's entirely possible to have been a mechanical problem. I guess we'll never know or some conspiracy will come about.


Tons of American's cried when President Kennedy died.


that was what i said when i first read the headline, i said 'there is no such thing as an accidental tradgedy in Russia'. I truely do hope its an accident, but russia would be on my list of countries that i would deem capable of doing something like this if they so chose.