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President Obama is Black


Last night on Letterman, Obama reminded America that he has always been black.......

Thanks Barry O'. I almost forgot about that little detail!

Now excuse me, I have a racist black hating tee baggin' party to go to. Then I will go home and watch Glenn Beck while spitting racial epiteths at my life-size wall poster of the president!


Are you sure ?


I am glad obama is distancing himself from that reknob, Carter. I think he is smart enough to know that playing the race card at this point would be a political disaster. People would simply stop taking him seriously. If I were obama I would write the following letter to Carter.
Dear Pres. Carter,
Shut the fuck up, idiot.

There is a lot wrong with obama, his race ain't the problem.


Don't forget, Obama is half white. So why is the left calling the right racist against blacks? Why don't they say the right is racist against whites. My two cents.


He's red in my book.


Like he's never hear THAT before (and that was just during his Presidency...)


Useless post...almost as dumb as Carter's comment.