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preserving muscle

I am interested in other’s opinions about how to prevent muscle loss while dieting (taking in fewer calories mainly). I have access to a treadmill and limited access to weights so I don’t know if working out will do more harm than good. Any general ideas on supplements and or workouts that will help melt the fat but spare the muscle - I am not interested in gaining during this time but some tips would help. thanks

I would not stop lifting that could be the worst thing that you can do when dieting. As far as suppliment I would say glutime and surge. For some reason I would seem to think that you would be againts mag10

Have you checked out massive eating and the diet manifesto yet? also for training check these body weight exercises at “warrior training” (it is a short topic) “combat conditioning” and all the atricles wriiten by coach davies, you may also want to check out everything he posted on this message…good luck