Preserving Milk Until Post Workout Usage?

Hey, this might be a silly question but

I’m looking to add milk as a base for my post workout shake, but I’m kinda worried it might go bad in the 1.5ish hours from the time I get it out of the fridge and off to the gym to the actual time I consume it, also considering that the temperatures will soon get hotter making the whole process possibly worse.

What’s your suggestion?

Klean Kanteen, yeti, or hydroflask. These keep liquids cold for hours. Just clean it daily if you’re putting milk in it. I have an insulated klean kanteen I throw in my bag with a concoction of coconut water, spinach, frozen blueberries, and whey protein blended, and it’s still frosty hours later.

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Drink it when you get home. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

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nek minute OP dies

I’ve taken a shake with me for years to work outside or driving a truck where I haven’t had a fridge handy so I wrap my shake up in a teatowel with a frozen bottle of water, works a treat, even in our stinking hot Aussie summers

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So disregarding the “just drink it at home” posts and the like… Since if I asked this in the first place it’s because it takes me a while to get home from the gym and when I do, I’ll have a solid meal…

Thank you both! I’ll consider getting a klean Kanteen (just looked it up on Amazon) but for the time being I’ll do the wrapping around a cold water bottle thing. I was also thinking about throwing a couple ice cubes into the milk.

Have the shake before you train. Come home and eat the meal.

I’m already having a shake Pre workout. My workout nutrition routine currently looks like this:

45 min prior to workout: Indigo 3g
15 min pre wo: 25 g highly branched cyclic dextrin, 13 g isomaltulose, 15 g hydrolyzed casein
Post wo: skim milk, 1 scoop whey

Post Workout Nutrition

Research (Dr Brad Schoenfeld) found that ingesting something immediately after a workout doesn’t enhance recovery any fast that consuming something hours later.

Muscle is not going to fall off the bone; recover will not be impeded if you don’t have something immediately post workout.

Secondly, nothing going to happen to the milk if it left unrefrigerated for a couple of hours.

Kenny Croxdale

Hi, yes I’m aware of this. I just thought I’d try and get the most out of Indigo 3g by consuming as much nutrients as possible close to taking it. Besides, I don’t think it can hurt to squeeze in some more carbs and protein around the workout.

I was just afraid it might go bad, I didn’t really know how long it could last outside of the fridge