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Preserving 5kg Bumper Plates?

How can I preserve my 5kg plates . Is it Okay to say use the greens with the 5kg (blacks) instead of loading the yellows and blues and the 5kf rather than loading the yellows and the greens 15kg and 10kg ?
Will they break if I use only 5kg and the bar e.g. if I drop it during the warm up?

Dropping from overhead? They will almost most certainly, in time.

thanks what about using the 5 fives instead of swapping to next plate to save time. so the 10s and the 5s rather than the 15kgs etc.

Don’t do that. Get the 5s and 10s off the bar as soon as possible. You can use the 10s with 15s, but I wouldn’t use the 5s at all once the bar goes to 40kg.

Which brand do you own?

They are called global fitness . They are cheap bumpers from Amazon advertised as crossfit bumpers. They have a steel insert and seem fine. But they are a little thick . They are for my personal use so won’t take too much of a beating. It’s 150kg set excluding the bar.
The expensive ones in the gym marketed for £100+ per bumper plate are thinner and you can fit more plates on easily. The only trouble I will probably have is deadlifting , as I don’t have many steel plates.
On the plus side the bar I have restored spins very well . Well enough for me to delay buying a quality bar.

I actually wouldn’t bother with 5kg bumpers, especially if you’re not a total newb and not doing snatches or similarly tricky to adjust to movement.

Just use 5kg change plates instead. If you are stuck with this package, only add the 5kg bumpers to a 25kg plate and above. You might find that the bastards fold even just under the weight of the bar.

The 5kgs are not bad actually , I have seen other cheaper brands bent and warped but that’s in a gym setting. Thanks for the advice only on 25kgs above.