Preserve Lean Muscle Mass

I just finished my first Mag-10 building cycle, and I did quite well. (12lbs gained, but 3%BF increase) My question is, can I use the Mag-10 on a cutting cycle? Rather, If I take the Mag-10 and continue to work outm but add Cardio everyday, will it help me preserve the LBM I have now? I stillplan on lifting heavily, but I also plan to run and up the caloric burn. Plese let me know what you think. Thanks,

12 lbs is pretty damn good! I still haven’t convinced myself (or my wife) that I can afford such an expensive little bottle. How long was your mag 10 cycle? Did you just follow the plan for success here on T-mag? I need to hear from real people who have used this before I take the plunge. As far as your question goes, nobody can really help you untill they know exactly what you eat and how much and when and everything else that has to do with the food you eat. It takes a while and is really confusing at times, but it’s worth it to just read and learn as much as you can on the back issues right here at T-mag.
Happy reading!

I also want to hear this.

Read Cy Willson’s “Steroid Dieting” article.

If you “just finished” a cycle, I wouldn’t jump right into cutting right away. Otherwise, you’ll more than likely lose a lot of the gains you made. Train heavy at maintenance for a few weeks in order to allow your body time to adapt to the new mass, then start to cut. If you want to use Mag-10, check out Steroid Dieting.

You gained 12lbs but 3%BF increase?!?!?!! Thats HORRIBLE. Unless you weight less than 100lbs I’m guessing half of your new gains is fat. And some of the other 6 lbs gained is water retention from the carbs and the 4-AD-EC.

You obviously did something wrong while on this bulk phase. You dont need supplements to acheive those types of results.