Preserve Fertility on TRT without HCG or Clomid

Im 22 and about to start on trt treatment but here is my problem. I want to preserve my fertility but I cant use hcg or clomid. I was first put on clomid to try and raise testosterone levels but it caused me many problems with my eyes. I cant take hcg because I have hyperthyroidsim and my endocrinologist does not want me to take hcg cause it raises thyroid levels. So pretty much I have no idea what to do. Does arimidex with testosterone injections or gel preserve fertility? Is there any supplements that work like clomid to help me with fertility while on testosterone. Really dont know what to do but hcg and clomid are out of the question. Hope you guys can help me out on this one. Thanks.

This is the first time I’ve ever heard that you can’t take HCG because of having hyperthyroidism, it sounds like pure BS to me! A lot of guys who come to these forum often complain that TRT isn’t working out for them, then they learn the reason why TRT isn’t working is because they also have hyperthyroidism. Often when you begin TRT and you have an undiagnosed thyroid issue, TRT can make you feel worse because the increase in metabolic rate can’t be sustained do to underlying thyroid issue as the thyroid can’t keep up.

You may be confused with hyperthyroid and hypothyroid. Most people are hypo so they feel fatigue. I have an overactive thyroid.

I didn’t know that, there’s not much else that can increase fertility. I’ve never heard of anything beyond HCG or clomid to restore fertility. What was you pre-TRT labs? Some guys can father children in a low T state, perhaps if you stopped treatment for a few months you could get the wife pregnant. I guess I can see why HCG together with hyperthyroidism could cause all sorts of crazy side effects. You could freeze sperm before you begin TRT.

Yea hcg causes hyperthyroidsim in pregnant women so me adding hcg while already being hyper is not a good idea. Im thinking of freezing my sperm but I would also hope there is some alternative. Maybe something natural that works like clomid?

Testosterone total 200
Free testosterone 5.4

Those are very close to what my numbers were originally, it felt like I was dying! Intense brain fog and weakness was just unbearable, I was exhausted and fatigued just lying on the couch. My resting heart rate and BPM was well past 100 bpm. My whole situation was Klonopin induced hypogonadism, the withdraw off of it is what started it all. Was on it for 28 years.

Look into nolvadex. It is a SERM like chlomid but doesn’t have the nasty sides associated with chlomid.