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What does everyone here get their parents for Chirstmas? I’m working with $40Cdn max for each and need some ideas, so throw some out.

get your dad $40 of safeway coupons and your mom a pedicure/manicure…joking bout the safeway stuff

mag-10 for pops and hot rox for the moms.

Shopping Mall Certificates. Talk about flexibility!



Get them what I think many parents would like: Make yourself a promise that forthe next 365 days you will eat dinner with them, and or spend some time with them asking their opinion and showing them an inordinate amount of respect!

Now if you already do the above, then how you spend the money you have regarding a gift, is almost unimportant.

EAting dinner with them for the next 365 days? Are you nuts, that would drive me insane, I eat with them once a year - at christmas, that’s it. The pedicure idea for my mom is a good idea though, I think i’ll use that one.