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Presenting the NEW

…Christian Bale. JUST announced.

Here’s the scoop:

Well, long story short: Bale decided upon the “Caped Crusader”. Excellent decision on his part as well as on the part of WB. Looks like they seriously want to make this new version work. Kudos to them!

Sorta looks like a younger Tom Cruise.

good call. having seen american psycho and equilibrium as well as some of the batman comic books as a kid, i’d have to say he is near perfect for the part. i’m keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the cast though, hollywood has been too eager to cast these ‘kids’ or ‘superstars’ and really screw up a a potentially good movie.

It’s also confirmed who the villain will be. None other than, Ras Al Ghul. More cheering

The Scarecrow may also appear.
Cheering continue…

I’m VERY happy to see the direction of this movie. I know for a fact that WB had been working extremely hard to find the right, young, talented “unknown” for the part of Bruce Wayne/Batman. They’ve got a exceptional director lined up (Nolan), and now lead; let’s see what they can do.

American Pyscho returns.

I really liked him in Reign of Fire…though the best part of that movie was Matthew McConaughey’s Vin Diesel impersonation. He looked freakin’ jacked.

So is this some twist on Batman: Year One without Catwoman since she’s getting her own movie?

WOW, great news. I LOVE Nolan, I just think he is a genius. As for Bale, he def looks the part. Probably won’t even have to use the “fake ab” body armor for batman as Bale is pretty ripped to shreds regardless!

Ras Al Gul? Scarecrow?

Geez. Can`t they get something better?

Ras Al Gul, not bad. But he`s the kind you have to keep in a long winded story, which does not fit with the 2h film.

Oh well. How did they choose them? A fan-vote poll?

Maybe he can pull it off, maybe not.

I always saw Batman as a BIG mother. Like, uh, a jacked Patrick Warburton big. Warurton is also my pick for Clark Kent/Superman.

Christian Bale just looks so…harmless. I know some people think he looks intimidating, but he reminds me of those Cory guys from the teen magazines years ago. Is the bad guy is going to be intimidated by Batman’s prominent cheekbones or something?!?

I was going to just post this as a pic, but I’ll just give the link instead. Brace yourself. I do think he should be able to put on some mass.

Click here.

Clearly she found him exciting…

I think acting talent he’s got it cold. However look? No! He’s just not big enough.

Christian: “Must…buy…steroids…now!!!”

AC: “Yes that’s a good boy you live with a dart in your ass until you’re done shooting!!!”

he looks pretty buff

DEMODICK: True. Ever since the Frank Miller (Year One/Dark Knight Returns), it seems odd to pose him in the lightweight category.

I recall a good scene in Millers where two thugs really stop and reconsider before jumping on a silent Bruce Wayne. Hes awfully big. And Miller give him fridge proportions too.

Be at least 200 lbs. So Christian if you listening get in Jwright’s race to 200. Thanks Dude. :wink:

Looks to be the part, Patricia.

I just pray the BM franchise get backs on track…

I’ve been told by numerous girls when I had longer hair that I look like “the guy from American Pyshco”. At first I hadn’t seen the movie so I was a little put off but now I realize that it’s probably not a bad thing. On the other hand now that my hair is shorter girls tell I look like The Rock? I think girls just tell a guy what he wants to hear to get some. Disgusting. LMAO!

This new Batman flick will be about Batman’s beginnings. Thus, a actor like Patrick Wharburton would be too old and for god’s sake: every time I see him on screen, I wanna laugh (“The Tick” anyone?).

Rha’s Al Ghul will also be the perfect villain. If anyone knows of the history between he and Batman; you’ll understand this. Rha’s various tests to prove the Caped Crusador as a worthy successor (since Rha’s is “dying”) will be a excellent plot to this movie. As will as his daughter as a good possible romantic interest.

Also, Bale has proven to be a VERY good actor who is also highly athletic. I have no doubt that he’ll prove to be the BEST EVER choice for Batman. You heard it here first.

Please no more rubber Batsuits with nipples…

So is Batman going be a sex maniac that chases after criminals with a chain saw–oh wait that was in Dark Knight Returns.

Does anyone know if the story is based off of Batman: Year One by Frank Miller in any way? The stories of each sound very similar.