I have this Power Point presentation due in my computer class in two weeks and I need some pictures and a short video. I’m doing it on working out. What I was wondering is does anyone know any websites with some good pictures on it that I could use, and possibly even a video clip? I need some backup material in case my boyfriend won’t let me use pictures of him on it. I also wanted to put on my presentation some advantages for females to do weight training instead of just cardio and other stuff like that since that’s what a lot of women do.
Thanks for your help. for video clips, you may want to e-mail him to make sure it is ok to use them.

Hey I would just go to your gym and ask a few of the most in shape women if they minded you tapin them, also a quick interview with one or two may help in convincing since they could explain their own reasons for lifting over just cardio, just an idea, if you’re in college, you should be able o get a digital video camera from the av dept, good luck has good clips of him demoing different exercises.

Thanks for your ideas. I think the interview thing is a good idea. I’m going to check out those other sites too. Thanks again.