Presentation and Evaluated Me

Hello everyone, I present Tilk I’m from France, I have 27 years to 1.80 and 85kg.

Do it for 4 years I have returned to the training, reading a lot and thereafter a person followed me and am encor.

So we all picked from the basics and I have slowly but evolu�?�© surment.

I’ll post a video of my debut now, I’ll post pictures.

C is just 2013 I injured my knee (anterior cruciate ligament rupture) so I have had to put the legs aside workouts and I am attached to the upper body.

pleasure to read.

Hello everyone, as promised here are the pictures. Since my knee surgery, I think I’m back on the basis of muscle before my operation.

J have great difficulty gaining muscle.Ces recent years I have turned a corner with my coach. I do not squeezed it today without him.
I went from 78kg to 85kg.

thank you, and sorry for my English.