Prescription Test Not Working

Hi I’m wondering if anyone can help. I’m on doctor prescribed TRT and take 100mg a week with 700iu of hcg a week and it puts me about 1000ngdl.

I recently tried to do my first little blast of 300mg a week + 700iu hcg a week. 3 weeks in I did a blood test and my results came back at about 970ngdl.

Does anyone have any idea how that’s possible since my testosterone is obviously 100% legit? I’m stumped.

The only thing I can think of is the lab made a mistake.


both bloods taken at same time of shot schedule?

Yeah both at the same time

Strange. Check date on vial? Any crystals inside?

It could be that the 1000ng on 100mg was incorrect for whatever reason. Get bloods and you’ll know for sure where the 300mg puts you.

That would be a pretty amazingly high level for that dose. Some guys have an incredible initial response and then it all calms down, that could be your case.

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Vials were in date and nope, no crystals. And the 1000ngdl level on that dosage was the same on multiple blood tests over 7 months. My injection frequency is every two days though so I don’t test at the end of a week like most guys probably do.

The 300mg was also EOD?

Yep the 300mg was also EOD with the exact same testosterone vials, which is why I’m so confused. It seems impossible that my testosterone didn’t go up after 3 weeks.

Is the testosterone from a compounding pharmacy? If so it’s very possible the actual amt of mg of hormone/ml is somewhat incorrect, unlikely but possible

Number seems accurate. I was getting 1233 ng/dl on 100 mg once weekly. No hcg no ai.


I barely hit half that with 150

Is this peak, trough or nadir… Lucky bastard.

48 hours after shot. So speak.

So, peak.

The test was the standard 250mg/ml glass ampoules that everyone gets. Dosage is correct.

Most guys here get 200mg/ml, not 250. Mine comes in 250mg/2 ml amps. I have not seen 250mg/ml, are you sure about that number?

Yeah its 250/ml of enanthate in a 1ml amp. Maybe because I’m in Europe.

Ive had a think about it and I do have some lumps or hard tissue where I inject (I inject subq into my stomach) probably because I have a high injection frequency. So I was thinking that it’s possibly not getting absorbed well anymore? It’s just one theory but I’ve swapped over the injecting on my thighs for now.

Or you just don’t absorb well at all injecting SQ.

I thought the same thing when I was doing 185mg/week sub-q daily injections (wasn’t absorbing) and when I got blood tested my T was 2000 so I was wrong. You are too probably. For what it’s worth I do daily IM in the delts now and don’t feel any difference whatsoever (like IM doesn’t feel worse) so I just do that now.