Prescription Problems

I am a football player, wrestler, powerlifter, bodybuilder, and thrower. I am wondering how to get scripts’ for B-12 injections and pain killers, what would i need to tell the doc? I’m lost, help me out

You can get both online.

Uh, tell him your symptoms and reasons why you might need them. Then, if you he assess you have a legitimate need for B-12 and pain killers, he will prescribe them.

Brother, do you know the can of worms you are opening? Why the pain killers? If you are really in pain and have a need them, than a doc will set you straight. If you just want a recreational buzz, there are better things to take. If you have an injury, let’s talk about it in another thread.

I’ve just went through a few of my soldiers who were hooked on pain pills, which started out as a legitimate prescription. It got real messy, real quick. You don’t want that…
I could be wrong, but from what I understand, B-12 shots really won’t do much for you unless you have a defiency. Extra B-12 has no benifit.

…Hey bud, I just looked at your profile and realized that you are 14. Now I am going to be a dick and tell you to get your head out of your ass. If the lifts you posted are real, you are phenomeninal. Why ruin that with drugs, or even risk it with B-12 injections. Eat good, take your vitamins, protien, fish oil and creatine, keep up the lifting hard and be patient.

The pain killers are for my body in general, i have neck problems from football, and am to poor to get real treatment, and my right shoulder hurt sometimes, awe heck, i’m just a wuss i guess. the b-12 i am taking in pills, but it has terrible absorbability, so thats why i wondered about the injectable kind. I read that is very effective, heck wut do I know? thanks for your advice sir. I respect the heck out of you. And FYI those lifts are 100% accurate and true, don’t worry bout that. I have a weak bench press, but my back and lower body are very strong.
I am competeing January 27th in a semi-local powerlifting meet, wish me luck man, thanks again

Tell your doc you have recurring lower back pain and have tried rest as well as otc options that just don’t work.

He may not give them to you though as I’m sure the fact you are still competing in such a plethora of sports will have him wondering if your pain is legit.

If you’re having true joint pain, maybe you need to take some time off from heavy training and see someone who can help with that. Look for an ART (Active Release Therapy) or ZHealth practitioner in your area. You mentioned you don’t have much money, and I can certainly sympathize, but spending even just a little time with an expert can do wonders for you.

Heck, many of these people will work with your budget. The guy I went to would give me some free time whenever I referred someone who had a session with him. If you want to talk to someone who knows what they’re doing, PM me and I’ll send you his contact info and he can at least point you in the right direction.