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Prescription Ibuprophen Affect Test?

Does anyone know if Taking prescription Ibuprophen inhibit testosterone on work out days or not. I broke my foot Sept of last year have screws and I have been prescribed this for pain. Yes, I am still taking it but I will not let the pain hender my gym time, but if Ibu is taking away from it, I do not see the point or maybe I could try something else. Thanks for any info.

Dave Barr says ibuprofen = bad:

“�??aspirin and ibuprofen can prevent the exercise-induced elevation in muscle protein synthesis thus hindering growth and prolonging recovery”

Freakin awesome. This is exactly why I come here and ask my questions. Beacause I don’t get B/S answers. You guys ROCK! No more Ibu for me during training. Just need to suck it up and quit being a wus. Thanks!