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Prescription Fish Oil? What?


So I was walking through the isles of my local CVS and saw a pamphlet for a product called Lovaza a prescription fish oil. Looking at there website I don't really see how this is better than normal fish oil. Anyone have a clue what is supposed to make this better? or is this just another example of pharmaceutical companies trying to make some more cash?



What a crock of shit. Sometimes the greed and stupidity I see around me literally makes me sick.


Unless, could this be a way for insurance companies to cover fish oil for folks that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to take it? If that's the case I reverse my comments completely.


"Each 1-gram capsule of LOVAZA contains 465 mg EPA and 375 mg DHA, the active fatty acids proven to lower very high triglycerides"

Compared to 1 Flameout pill wich contains aprox:

220 mg EPA
550 mg DHA


I'm going to go with coporate greed unless someone can tell me otherwise. Just sounds like a pricey fishoil the more I look at it.


Then don't buy it.


Well I wanted to see if anyone has heard of it and if it had any benifit over "otc" fishoil.

But no i will not be buying unless i find some sort of benifit to it. The reason I started the thread was the fact their claiming Rx fish oil is superior to regular fish oil. And I found that interesting.


big pharma annoyed that they can't patent fish oil

tsk tsk too bad