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prescription drug prices are rediculous!!

I had some monor foot surgery yesterday, and the doc. gave me a 7 day prescription for levitor (something like that, it hurts too much to walk to the bottle to spell it right) to fight against infection. The 7 day supply (1 pill a day) cost 75 fucking dollars!! I havent needed any prescription drugs in almost 7 years, so im not too current on prices, but that is unreal. I have insurance too, but it wasnt covered. I really feel for those who pay for multiple drugs on a monthly basis, how do you afford it? Jesus. I’m also outta the gym for a few days now, can barely walk, that sucks too.

Its real bad for older people who can’t afford the multiple drugs they need. I heard of bus trips that are set up to go to Canada to buy the drugs cheaper there. Only works if your state is close to the border or on the border. I heard of one couple who spent almost 1000 bucks a month on there drugs, they went to canada and bought 6 months supply for around 2100 dollars I think. Even if my numbers are not right, they still got their stuff for half the price by taking a 7 hour bus ride. Thats totally BS and the drug companies says it because they need the money for research and development. Trust me its not that, I have friends that work there. Hardly the case. I hear this year one of the big ticket election dealings is affordable drug prescriptions and maybe a price cap like in canada. The elderly are for it but the drug companies are fighting tooth and nail against it. They are greesing every politician they can to stop it. Drug companies care less about the patient than they do about the revenue. Why else do you think they would fight to try to have drug patients extended. My mom took a drug ( I forgot what it was), well she has been taking it for a while. Way before it became popular. Well it costed her at first about 10-15 bucks and then it went up to the 20’s and now its something in the 30 dollar range for a month supply. This is in a few short years. Inflation doesn’t jump that much and also shouldn’t stop get cheaper to make as time goes on. Only reason the price went up was it was being used more by more patients. Same deal with Viagra. When it first came out the Drug company did not think it would be that popular. So from an article I read , the drug company was going to sell the pill for 1 dollar a pop. After the huge media following and customer willingness for it, the pill went up to 10 dollars a pop. Can some one explain to me where the 9 other dollars go for if it was originally considered to be released for 1 dollar. This will only get worse till they cap there asses for once and for all. Most research and development is paid for by the US government or can be written off. They have it made with that, the patents, and the fact people need drugs during a recession or a market up swing.

That’s just how the medical system is here in the U.S. It costs so many millions if not billions of dollars to take a drug through research and development through years of scientific testing and studies to finally get an f.d.a. approval…and at this most drugs fail somewhere along the line so the company just spent all that money for nothing. And then after this drug companies spend millions more $$ wining and dining physicians and advertising their drugs through media and all sorts of advertisements. The only way they can recoup their losses and make money is to charge ourtrageous prices for the drugs that do meet fda approval…at least until the patent expires.

I understand it costs alot of money to do research and get the drug passed (which has now become easier). Yes they do deserve to get compensated for their expense. But why is there such a difference between the prices in Canada and the USA or even Mexico? Drug companies do anything to stop the state from buying bulk or going generic to try to save money. Even then they are not as cheap as the same drug made by the same company in Canada. Also I forgot which drug it is, but there was once a drug that was used for animals and humans. I forgot the name of the product but what ever it was, it was more expensive to by the human version than the animal version and they where the same thing.

Ever take a look at where all these great drugs are developed? Right here in the good ole’ US of A. While I agree to some extent that we need some kind of reform on drug pricing for those that can’t pay,it is part of the system that we live in. I hear so much bitching and whining on other boards about the price of Biotest’s supplements. I agree they are expensive but they are about the only ones that I buy. Why? Because they are effective and high quality. It would be cool if Congress would pass some clear legislation on the importation of certain meds from other countries. This would create some indirect competition for the pharmacuetical giants and might force them to set lower prices. I also speak from experience as my wife is a drug rep so I know all about the marketing that is used. We also need to cap all these lawsuits that are filed to extend patent dates. That’s just crap and only hurts the consumer.

Ok, rant over.

While the R&D is expensive, as is bringing the drug to market, the real reason is this: PROFIT, gotta keep the stockholders happy. Next time you should also check to see if there is a generic brand that can be used.