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Prescription Confusion


Hope someone can shed some light on this for me.

My Doc sent my prescription in yesterday and I'm not sure what to make of it. Previously he didn't include any refills. Just one 10ml vile of 200mg/ml test cyp.

I had the wife pick it up today. Got home and noticed that this one included three refills. This is where it gets weird. It says .5ml every week, so 20 doses. Also says 90 day supply and refills must be filled before 03/13/2015. Six months.

Perhaps a mistake. Fifteen months supply available in six.

I'm dialed in well and don't want to risk my self injections but certainly wouldn't mind a stockpyle just in case times get tuff.

What are your thought?


20 weeks per vial, 60 weeks per 3 vials

Just buy it and store it for a rainy day.

Pharmacist might end up catch the discrepancy. You might only get two vials.


I have the same issue with my test Cyp prescription. I just make sure that I get all three vials before the last refill date and store them. I feel better with a stockpile. I've had issues with backorders on test when I first started TRT.


It's settled. I'll consider it luck and see how acquisition goes.

I wonder if its intended for leeway or a miscalculation? Any explanation from your Doc JJC?


I never inquired about it. Figured it would only complicate things further with him. He's not the brightest when it comes to TRT. He's not the original doctor that prescribed it as my doctor moved out of the area. First time I saw the new doc he asked what I needed syringes and needles for. That's when I asked to see an endo.