Prescribed Sustanon by Doctor. What to Expect?

Hey guys I was just recently prescribed sustanon 250 by the doctor as my test levels are pretty low for my age ( I am turning 20 in march) which is 3 ng/ml (300ng/dl converted) in the summer it was around 4.1ng/ml (410 ng/dl converted), I have no clue why my test levels are so low. I was just wondering what if anybody knows what I should expect, I was never on any test or anything before, this is my first time, and my dosage is pretty small, I had 250mg yesterday and I will get another 250mg in 14 days, should I be expecting any side effects or anything? For the record, I am not weak in the gym, I weight around 240lbs at 6’1, and I can bench 350lbs, deadlift 400 and squat 315, pretty bad for my weight I know.

That is a pretty good dosage schedule, honestly, for starting. Most docs try and string it out to every 3 or 4 weeks. You’ll need to watch for bloat from aromatisation. Not saying it will happen, but it may. I had less bloat on Sustanon than cypionate or enanthate. I also had a lower test level on it. When are your follow-up bloods scheduled?

Protocol not bad, dosage may be too high.

Do you have any labs to share?

250 mg every 14 days? It’s not THAT terrible; but it’s still terrible nonetheless, i’ve heard much worse protocols. Well for me personally I would never accept that protocol for myself as my SHBG is very low and I’d be probably very low testosterone by the end of those 2 weeks even on Sustanon. Try asking your doctor if you can self inject, then at least you can split that dosage up to once every week or if you want to be optimal I’d do twice a week/three times a week.

Also Sustanon is almost 40% short esters, so pinning it once every 2 weeks is very counterproductive in my opinion.
You could probably pull off using Nebido and pinning it once every 2 weeks much better than you would do with Sustanon.

Should I start doing 125mg a week starting from this thursday? my 250mg injection was last thursday

Yeah, I’d definitely recommend increasing injection frequency. If you could, try injecting 2x a week even. 62.5mg - 62.5mg Thursday and Sunday (for example)

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I think 1x/wk is enough, keeps it simple. The chances of bloat from aromatisation are minimal (what’s your BF, diet and hepatic function like), try 125mg/wk ( 62.5mg 2x/wk if you really want to as the shorter esters may cause a bit of a swing for the first few days). Stay on that protocal for a couple months, see how you feel. Reassess

Good advices here. Better than 250mg every 14 days is 125mg every week. But it’s not optimal. Half life of esters must be always considered.

Twice weekly will work better than once weekly, it increases your odds of success.

Twice weekly is not optimal for sustanon. Not for TRT. The short esters are just bridging you until you have enough of the long ester in your system. When you divide up the shot you are decreasing the amount of short ester acting in your system. Cutting it up makes it LESS effective, at least in the initial short run. You don’t get any bang for your buck that way. Once you’ve had a few shots your serum levels will even out with the accumulation of long ester. It’s not enanthate or cypionate, ,and it doesn’t work the same way that they do.

Have you ever used Sustanon before? I’ve personally been using it for the past 9 months as my TRT protocol because I don’t have testosterone cyp or enth available in the country I live in. I’ve tried running 250mg with my Endo every 2-3 weeks, by the end of 1.5 weeks my testosterone was lower than before TRT.
There’s a reason why doctors don’t typically prescribe Sustanon anymore, because they realized how inconsistent it is. Lucky for me my doctor gave me a choice between Nebido and Sustanon, and I picked Sust because I know frequent injections just generally work better for most and cause the least fluctuation in levels.

I have used Sustanon. I found that it didn’t work as well, I had to use 60 mg of cypionate on the in between weeks to get my levels up enough. Sustanon would probably be better every 10 days, but enanthate and cypionate are both readily available and cheaper for me (OTC for all of them). The short esters are a lot better when you do the full shot all at once , but it is less effective overall than a regular test depot, at least for me. But if it’s that or Nebido, I think he;s clearly better with the sustanon. Splitting the sustanon shot was crap when I tried it. But then again 200 mg of cypionate gives me a mid 800s test level and some guys would have a sky high level at that dose.

what is better 125mg a week or 250mg a week