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Prescribed Patches

Hey all, to make a long story short: 33yo M, diagnosed today hypogonadism after my GP reviewed my bloodwork showing 189 Test and <5 estrogen. I have all the symptoms literally 0 libido etc. My doc wouldn’t give me injections because “they hurt”. Does anyone have any experience with the patches? I don’t know anything about them and I really would like to get on injections and hcg as Id like to remain fertile to try for a baby. Thinking of going to a urologist for a second opinion as now that I have the diagnosis it should be simple to get an injections script?

Patches are terrible, fall off frequently are offer poor bioavailability. Injections don’t hurt, your doctor is just incompetent. We use 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads and any doctor prescribing 18 gauge syringes which I know that’s what your doctor was probably referring to, is outdated in his thinking.

GP’s don’t specialize in hormones and I suggest you locate someone who does specialize in hormones, or else you will regret it! A 200mg injection once every 2 weeks doesn’t work and clinical studies show it doesn’t work, so if a doctor suggest it, run don’t walk away.

You need to educate yourself because odds are doctors inside your insurance network will be of no help, mainstream medicine doctors (endocrinologist and urologist) are typically TRT ignorant. Sure getting a script is easy, finding a knowledgeable TRT doctor, not so easy.

You want to work with a hormone specialists, you would then need to go private to an anti-aging and wellness clinic.

Thanks for the info. I’ve done a shit ton of research and made an appt for next week at a urologist specializing in male health and sexual dysfunction for a second opinion. You’re right on the clinics though, if this urologist sounds uneducated, I’ll look into some. Only issue is ones I’ve found are too pricey.

Defy Medical is by far the most affordable, averages $100-$150 per month.

The doctor won’t feel the injections at all. Seriously, I use a 23g, 1 inch needle and do not feel a thing. There is a reason so few use a patch.

With your levels, you should be able to get insurance to cover TRT. The next question is how well, dose, injection frequency, hCG?

If not, and you need to go to an outside specialist, done properly, office visits, exams, follow up labs, etc., you’re looking at around $1500 to $2000 a year. Ongoing hCG use will increase the cost.

Yea I’ve used 23ga before I’m so used to it I don’t mind it at all, of course I can’t tell him that though haha. Thanks for all the info, I think if my urologist appt doesn’t go well next week, Defy it is. I can’t afford to keep wasting time feeling this way.

I’d look around locally and use telemedicine as a last resort. Personally, I like face to face interactions. Almost every state requires the doctor to be licensed in the state in which the patient resides and most require an initial face to face visit prior to going to telemedicine.

However, if it is illegal, they’ll go after the clinic, not the patients.

Good luck next week.

Thanks man.