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Prescribed Just HCG (No T) - Thoughts?

I just had my lab results returned and a consultation at a TRT clinic, the diagnosis was low T, 245 ng/dL (240-871).

Because of my age (34) the doctor did not suggest Testosterone, but 500 500 IU/L of HCG every other day. Also included a monthly B12 injection, B3 tablets and tamoxifen 3 times a week.

Is this protocol going to make a meaningful difference? He seemed to hint that a range over 750 would be their realistic target, but it doesn’t seem to me that this would be possible using my natural production alone.

I do have a follow up in two weeks to redo the labs and review results… Should I push for T, or is this a feasible solution? I got the impression it was more a test to see if I was serious about the commitment.

1.579 (0350-4.940)

Free T3
2.86 (1.88-3.18)

Free T4
1.08 (0.70-1.48)

1.018 (0.000-4.000)

Estradol (E2)
25 (11-44)

1.47 (0.57-12.07)

3.22 (0.95-11.95)

2.45 ng/ml
245 ng/dL (240-871)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
17.20 (13.5 - 71.4)

11.56 (3.46-18.40)

Numbers will jump up, and then you will get a congratulatory smile by your doctor, but you might feel like shit. HCG doesnt affect me negatively, but most men dont do well. HCG monotherapy is an experiment that will most likely not work out to make your symptoms go away. Tamoxifen is not necessary either. This protocol could make things worse. Or not. But I would push for T if this doesnt work.

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Thanks for the insight, I’m suffering from significant fatigue and brain fog (along with other typical issues) so it should be fairly clear to me if it’s working.

Taking HCG and Tamoxifen at the same time seems odd to me. One will suppress LH and act as a substitute. The other is meant to increase LH. I’d think they would oppose each other.

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This is a strange comment, there are lots of younger men on TRT. There was an old myth created from a case study in the 1940’s that hinted TRT cause prostate cancer, proven false after Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, an expert in testosterone disprove it, only I think your docs is unaware of this fact and why I believe he says your too young for TRT.

Your doc is not up to date and I would want someone with up to date info regarding TRT.

Tamoxifen isn’t normally used right off the bat, it’s useful in those men who are genetically susceptible to gynecomastia. Tamoxifen only blocks the effects of estrogen in the breast tissue and isn’t a form of estrogen control.

Between your docs comment about being too young for TRT due to age and unless you are susceptible to gynecomastia, I would advise you find get a new doc.

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Give it a shot but the success rate is small. Most likely you will not feel any better no matter if your testosterone rises and this is what your doctor like most out there do not understand

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Thanks all for the insight. I do have slightly enlarged breasts, but thats mainly due to being somewhat overweight (92kg). I could see a situation where he may wish to take all possible precautions to get started.

I’ve noticed that I’m extremely tired today, significantly more so than usual.

I’ll keep working through his protocols for the next two weeks and see how things work out - but it does seem that T is a missing component and I’ve not been able to find many true success stories when searching

HCG caused me fatigue when I incorporated it in my trt protocol but it passed away after two weeks. On the other hand your dose is much larger so the fatigue may remain permanently. No way to know in advance

Now HCG causes me issues only when my testosterone drops if changing protocols

I started TRT at 31 by the way and my levels were “normal” but I had the symptoms. I havent regretted once

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yes tamoxifen in this protocol is odd. but i think doc just want to keep your pituitary working, to pump lh and fsh. also 500 iu eod hcg is to big, i would start from 250 iu m/w/f, most studies show it works the best, and leyding cells are not dessentitized. if you want to know a bit more about hcg, there is this video, with specific potocol

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Tamoxifen will further decrease his chances to feel any better than now. So the whole thing becomes pointless

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Thanks all for the experience and research. I genuinely did not expect such a comprehensive response from the community and it’s given me a lot of avenues to further research and improve my personal understanding.

I do need more time to see the personal effects and don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but I will be sure to update this thread with any progress.

TRT will fix it, the reason you are overweight is partly due to low-T which is contributing the larger breasts, correct the hormonal imbalance and restore a normal appearance.