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Prescibed 70/30 Cyp/Prop Blend

Doc asked me if I wanted to try this blend, I figured why not. He said that I might feel better earlier in the 7 day injection cycle, propionate for the first 3 days and cypionate for the last 4. I don’t really notice a difference.

How long have you been trying the new mix?? It sounds like a good mix to me. I might suggest that to my Doc.


My first injection was Saturday. Had a pretty good workout this morning.

Keep me up to date on how this works for you.


Will do.

It looks like I’m one of those people that can’t handle propionate esters. I have pain that started near my injection site and over the course of a couple of days it’s crept into my hip and knee. So I think next week I’ll be back on the 100% cypionate.

Prop. is known for pain. But if it’s that bad maybe you should switch back…

Just inject T cyp more often.