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Prepping/Survival Books


Just looking for some suggestions on books that pertain to the above title. I've been getting into prepping a little...not the build a bomb shelter type, just enough to survive a natural disaster or something like that.



US Army Survival Manual



I think you would need/want a book dealing with your specific region, and the specific disasters you might encounter. Tsunami, tornado, blizzard, hurricanes?

Some people get a bit crazy with the prepping and forgot to actually live, but i find some of basic level stuff to be interesting. IE. figuring out a water supply, food storage, protecting your family and things from marauders


SAS Survival Guide


How to Survive Anything, Anywhere: A Handbook of Survival Skills for Every Scenario and Enviroment


I break prepping down to the three basic areas: beans, bullets, band aids. The titles below reflect those broad areas.

A Failure of Civility


Dare to Prepare

The Encyclopedia of Country Living

The Survival Medicine Handbook

Where There Is No Dentist

These books are a good foundation.


This is really all you need.