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Prepping for Lab Work

I’m a 26 year old male, currently doing 5/3/1 taking in 2100 calories (maint. = 2700; body fat = ~18%) I’ve been on this calorie range for about 5 months). I had some blood work done about 2 years ago which showed my testosterone to be low (252, range = 242-827 ish).

My doctor recently pulled me off of 60 mg Cymbalta which has a side effect of “decreased libido” in hopes that this would raise my testosterone levels. According to the half-life of the medication and taking into account 5 half-lives is what is considered for the medication to have “left your body”, I should have been free and clear on 3/2/11.

I was planning to get my hormones checked again in about two months. I wanted to give my body time to re-balance any out-of-whack hormones due to the Cymbalta. I was also wanting to try to repair my metabolism a bit as my weight loss has stalled and I believe this to be a decrease in my metabolism due to prolonged dieting.

Would upping my calories slowly to say 2500 or so have any appreciable/clinical impact on my hormone labs? The researcher in me doesn’t want to alter too many variables at once for fear of knowing which caused the effects in question, but at the same time I don’t want to continue at my present calorie intake for another two months until I can get my blood checked as I feel I can make some progress again in the gym within that time frame.

My fear is that I’ll need to go back on the Cymbalta in the future and want to know if the increased testosterone (provided it has indeed increased from two years ago) is from going off of the medication or from increasing my calories.

Thanks guys

There is a sticky with advice to new folks, with a protocol to follow regarding case information.

Does Cymbalta lower testosterone? I’m sure it lowers Dopamine (which can lower libido), but didn’t know that stopping Cymbalts would raise T.

There are waaaay too many factors with not nearly enough information presented to give any significant ideas regarding where to start.

Once again, I didn’t know that Cymbalta affected hormomes. Neurotransmiters, yes . . . hormones? doubtful

SSRI’s and other drugs, Rx or OTC can increase E2 and that lowers T in guys who are not on TRT.

Perhaps you could try Wellbutrin instead of the SSRI - no sexual side effects.