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Prepping for Football Tryouts


I have many months more to prepare, but I just want to know how I'm doing as of now:

I can rep 205 7x. How many times do you guys think I could rep 225? I know it's a crapshoot to ask you guys, as you don't know me, and it's hard to answer my question, but I figured if anyone would know...

I also know that I have more to work on besides bench, but I'm asking about bench right now. Thanks to anyone who answers.


Without being a smartass, why don't you warm up, get a spot at the gym and try it.

Why don't you tell us your current height, weight, year in school, speed in 40 yd dash, position you're most likely to play, curent workout routine, etc. You'll probably get lots of help here. Does you school have a strengh/condiioning program? You may want to talk to the football coach and/or conditioning coach to see what they would recommend.

Good Luck


That's a good question. I wonder how many times I can rep 225. Do you know?


What shoe size am I? I need a new pair.

In all seriousness, though. I would say 4.



Do you think thats really accurate?