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Prepatellar Subcutaneous Edema


I got diagnosed with this aliment for knee, and all I was basicly told is that I wont need surgery and was given light duty/medical profile for running and jumping(in the military and get that great medical care). Anyhow Im sure someone on the boards knows about this and what I can do to or what I need to have done to get the strenght back in the knee region. Thanks in advance.


All that means is that there is swelling between your knee cap and the skin superficial to it.

Not likely anything to worry about.


Agree, but am curious as to what caused and what makes it hurt.



Best I can tell is that is has been happening over time. It has been really nagging me for about 2 years and then back in April it just took a turn for the worse and I was put on chruches for a while. Totally halted lower body training. I used to do pistols but gave up on them about a year ago. The right leg was getting 10 and the left was none. As for the injury I figure it is just the beating I take from running long distances at an airborne shuffle speed and humping with a pac(im military). I cant think of any tramua persay that happened, but it is aggravated by running, jumping and stuff like that. I cant put much weight on it when it is flexed to 90 degree or more. Hurts when under load as running or jumping, cant drive off it. I locks and clicks most of the time,and after I pushed it, it will twitch and trob all over the place.
So while the guy above said it is no big deal, it is. I cant do much with out paying for it big time.


Without anymore info, let me ask this: Did they rule out "jumpers knee?"


No big deal meant it will not likely have any bad consequences for the health of your body.

Either find a really good physical therapist (call and ask if they use myofascial release or something similar as part of their routine practice--likely if you live out west) OR find an active release therapy person (www.activerelease.com).

Not sure but the PT may be better at helping you figure out why this happened and how to avoid next time.

Fish oil and wobenzyme should help take the inflammation down and are also recommended (search previous posts for wobenzyme).


No I didnt get to talk to the doc about it or the screener. I just was given a piece of paper with the findings. That is the only reason I asked. Figured I might get one of the resident experts thoughs on it. Just so when I do get a chance to talk to a doc I might have some imput also.


Another natural anti-inflammatory is serrapeptase. Taken with wobenzyme is great. Also take some tumeric with them. I also take fish oil, specifically, salmon oil, wild variety.

Another thing, try taping the knee with one tape's width around the knee where the pain is. If it help, great, if not, on to something new. You will see a lot of basketball players with a band of tape or something around their legs, just below the knee, that type of thing.



I am a Ortho PA specializing in sports medicine. We see this all the time. Its most likely prepatellar bursitis. Surgery will make it worse. Use alot of ice, a knee pad when kneeling and naproxen (if your stomach can take it). Might need a cortisone injection (go outside of military to an orthopod, speaking from experience, nearly 100% of military docs/PAs I saw were HORRIBLE). Do not let anyone take you to surgery.


Cortisone and naproxen--ain't medicine grand--(and I'm an MD--BFD).

Try the alternatives to these mentioned above.


a therapist for ART will not do anything for bursitis. Its not adhesions, its inflammation. If you are an MD, you would see that the overwhlming majority of people get complete, or near comlete relief from symptoms of prepatellar bursitis with the aforementioned drugs and modalities. Medicine ain't all bad, chief. It saves alot of lives and helps alot of people every day.