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Preparing Weeks Meals


I know a lot of people prepare a weeks meals all at once and put them in tubberware for the week. Do you just make a bunch of rice, potatoes, meats, etc. and freeze the ones for the week taking them out as needed? Was just wondering if the rice and potatoes unfreeze alright? Sorry if its a dumb question just want to be sure.



Rice freezes fine and reheats no problem. Spuds tend to get mushy after the freezer, then microwave. The only time I reheat spuds in the micro is when I also have a sauce (ie:tomatoe sauce or mushroom sauce)

Best place to re heat spuds are in the oven or toaster oven or in a pan.


Im not a big fan of preparing a whole weeks meals all at once. It just seems like too big of a hassle to me and I love to cook.

I prefer to make big meals each night so that I have leftovers for the next day. I basically cook for that night and the next day then do it all over again.

I just like to cook though so I enjoy making meals every night.


When I've had thawed rice reheated it was awful, I probably did something wrong.
This really depends on what you're eating.
For me, I keep some cubed beef marinating and eat it over a couple of days.
Make a big salad, same thing.
Cook some chicken breasts all at once.
When I wake up, I just fire up the BBQ, and throw on some skewers, takes like 5 minutes and breakfast is ready. If I really want it done fast, I'll spear the meat and veggies the night before.
I don't enjoy freezing and then thawing cooked food. I've done it, and it's just not as enjoyable IMO.


I really only prepare large quantities of chicken breasts ahead of time. Everything else isn't too rough to get together in 15 mins each morning (veggies, oatmeal, ezekial bread, cashews etc). Of course my diet really involves a pretty narrow spectrum of foods, so I'm not really whipping up fancy cuisine or anything.



I prefer the twice-a-week approach. On Sunday I prepare my meals for Mon-Wed and on Wednesday for Thu-Sun. That way I don't have to freeze anything and generally the food is fresher.


I usually do food prep twice/week and cook potatoes, rice, chicken, steak, etc, which I then will put all in tupperware. Similar to what Stu does, I'll put all the food in large tupperware (chicken al together, etc)...and then the night before, I will separate and weigh out my meals for the upcoming day. This works best for me.


Didn't you just make a thread saying you eat like shit every weekend?

Personally on Sunday (sometimes also Monday) I make my Mon-Fri food. Then, either Thurs/Fri night (or Sat noonish) I'll make my weekend food, tailored to how much time I'll actually spend at home. Less time at home = more eating out = less cooking.


Interesting... to me, cooking something new every night seems like the bigger hassle. Give me a 3lb vat of chili or a huge pork tenderloin any day.


I think the hassle part is trying to prepare 7 days worth of food in one night... I dont find cooking double portions each night to be a hassle since I like to cook. Its fun for me.

I will cook up a big thing of rice (did that on monday) and have a big tub of it in the fridge for the week. For meats/veggies I like to prep them the night before with dinner.


I do food prep twice a week as well

If I had a fucking dishwasher I might do things differently, it does saves tons a time in both prep and clean up.


I'll throw a 3lb pork tenderloin on the oven while I have various meat covering every inch of my bbq... takes 1-1.5 hours (including prep) for like 5 days of food. And yeah cooking up big tub of rice takes very little effort.

I'd shoot myself if I spent 45minutes cooking every night


Well sure. But I don't ALWAYS fuck up. I've lost over 40 pounds so far, it's just lately that I've stagnated due to wanton pizza-ing.


I prepare meals twice a week: on Sundays I cook my meals for throughout the day for Monday - Wednesday and on Wednesday evening I prepare the meals for Thursday - Saturday. Sunday usually is a high carb day where meal prep is very easy (oatmeal, FINiBARS, Metabolic Drive and Eggs...).

I prepare everything - meats, veggies, carb souces and put the meals in tupperware and in the fridge. Works very well and it becomes kind of a ritual, cooking twice a week. It's fun actually.

I almost always prepare my dinner fresh every day.


When I'm really paying attention to my diet, I cook twice a week.

Sunday evening I grill a bunch of chicken and steak in the backyard. It's just enough for Sunday night dinner, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays lunch. Sometimes I'll just do a huge crockpot of steak and potatoes instead if I don't want to grill. I can't eat cooked food after it sits 3 days. It grosses me out.

Wednesday night, I'll make a big dinner and tuna salad. This covers Thursday and Friday lunch.

I usually go out for dinner and lunch on the weekends. I love to eat out.

OP, if you don't like reheating the rice than use canned vegetables or microwave a sweet potato for your side. It comes out good. Just wrap the fucker in saran wrap then microwave it for a few minutes. Wrapping it traps the moisture and makes it cook less dry.


I normally have a Sunday "big cook" that takes care of most of my meals for the week. For me, a one-day weekend hassle is better than trying to cook everyday (or really even once during the week). It normally takes a few hours + time for grocery shopping.


i make all mine up into ziplock bags, and group them together into piles for "days" ... i hate packing lunches for work, i try to do easy quick fix stuff and stay as healthy as possible... people always are like "damn son how many times you eat a night?" it takes forever to pack a weeks worth of work lunches lol