Preparing to leave the country, diet, and workouts

Hey t-people,
Kind of in a dillema here. I’m currently bulking, up 2 lbs (about 2/3 of it lean, i think!). Here’s my dillema: I’m pretty much going to be a “weekend warrior” for the next 2 weeks, due to the fact that i’ll be traveling overseas. Also, i will have absolutely NO control over my diet, seeing as the people i’ll be staying with will set the menu. There are no gyms in the area, either. 3 questions:
Should i continue to bulk?
Are there any ways to minimize fat gain on the trip, since diet is not under my control?
On an unrelated question, is 2 lbs in 2 weeks pretty good for massive eating protocal with little cheating? (1 or 2 meals a week to remain sain)?

I’m really small(5’10", 152 lbs, 12% bf), and diet is currently at about 2200 cals for the day, 1.5 grams of protein per lean lb of mass, the rest divided between fats and carbs.

Pack a bag of beef jerky for each day you are gone and look up some good bodyweight routines…

Seriously though, depending on where you go it might not be appropriate to take over the dinner table.

Depending on what you find when you get there, you might just want to focus on keeping what you’ve gained and resuming the bulking when you are back in total control of your consumption again.