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Preparing to be a Survivor Contestant

So I have always been a big survivor fan, and finally decided to submit an audition video. Would anyone have any ideas on how to eat and train in order to make my time there easier. I have been lifting for a long time and am used to eating healthy, but this would be a totally different animal. Not sure this is in the right area or not but any input would be appreciated

I think some of the prepping/survival content in #combat might be a good choice.

You’re going to have to eat what you can, and it might be better for you to learn how to prepare food out there. I personally would just eat plants and stuff. Maybe learning what you can forage by region would be good, and acquiring a taste for those things. If you don’t know how to feather/separate a chicken, that might be helpful too.

The challenges seem really obstacle-style, so that kinda training could help. But I don;t think lifting would prepare you for the conditions you’d have to live in.

Isn’t that show about being snarky and turning people against each other?

For training maybe work in a women’s clothing store?


Yeah I know once I get out there it will be eat what I can. Catching fish, gathering fruit and plants, and whatever rice would be available. I guess what I’m asking is should I be intermittent fasting to be used to not eating a lot? Should I focus on putting size on so that I have mass to lose while I’m on the show? Condition, swimming, climbing, and gpp are the most needed physical attributes I would think.

That shows still going? Good lord.

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I’d work on intermittent fasting. It would be useful to be somewhat acclimated to going 24 hours plus with no food and still be able to function mentally and physically. I would also kick my caffeine addiction as well.

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I’d toughen up my feet by not wearing shoes whenever possible and going outside. I’d also learn to swim better and do a lot of rock climbing, rope climbing, etc.

I’d also learn some basic survival skills like how to build a fish trap, start a fire, etc.