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Preparing HCG.

So I really want to get a grip on this whole HCG thing and implement it into my next (2nd cycle) thread here > http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/test_e_750_w_tbol_kickstart_pct_good

From what I’ve gathered once you constitute the HCG with the solvent it has a 60 day shelf life (refrigerated). If I’m doing a 12 week cycle I would want the HCG at 250 iu 2x/week from week 3 to week 12 (stopping with the last pin of test 2 weeks before pct). So that means 10 weeks of HCG aka 70 days.

Since it has a shelf life of only 60 days after constitution (correct me if I’m wrong) what would be suggested? To just start the HCG halfway through week 4 ? So that my last pin of HCG (2 weeks before PCT start) would be the 60th day after constitution. Am I mislead in my research of this? The topic of HCG on thre Internet is so annoying to research because the level of contradiction on the matter is unbelievable. I’m sold on it myself though, so want to figure out these details so I can run it successfully with this next cycle.

hCG is good for 80+ days if kept refrigerated (don’t freeze or it will crash it).

I’d start around week 3.
When using a 12 week cycle I go through 2 5000iu bottles, only use one bottle for around 6 weeks, buts I get it for 10$…

I’d stop the Hcg 4-5 days before starting your PCT, not 2 weeks.