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Preparing for the Big Cut

Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I have been following this site for a good bit of time and really appreciate all of the FREE info posted every single day, not to mention the Physique Clinic. I love my Biotest supps and am always excited new trends in the diet, lifting, supplement industry.

So, here is my plan from the end of Spring Break (Third week in March) to the end of August. At the beginning of the school year I was 175 at 9-10% bf. As of now, I am 213 with 14-16% bf. For comparisons, I was 217 at 25% bf at this time last year. My goal at the end of August is to be at 4-6% bodyfat. If my calculations are correct, I have about 32 pounds of fat and 181 lb of LBM. Here are some stats that could be helpful

D1 College Athlete
4 years (on and off) training, since last year very serious
Bench: 265 x 1
Front Squat: 300 x 1
Deadlift: 365 x 1
35 inch waist
bodyfat mostly distributed in obliques and lower stomach

I have told my cousin, who is an amateur BB and finished 5th in his first competition this year, that I would do my first show with him next year. I want to get into “contest shape” per se without competing this year.

Going from 25% bf to 9% let me know that I respond best to a higher fat, lower carb approach. Thus,

For the first 6 weeks, I will carb cycle (low, med, high days). The next 6 will be T-dawg 2.0. Following the 12 weeks, I will take one week at maintenance (good idea?) and finish with JB’s GSD (which I have done before to get from 13% to 9%) for the last 6-7 weeks.

The basics: Surge, BCAA, Beta-7, Creatine, Power Drive, Metabolic Drive, Metabolic Drive Complete?, WP fraction and hydrostylate, Flameout

I want to use HRX for the GSD so I have been researching alternative methods to aide in fat loss for the first 12 weeks

Raspberry Ketone
Forskolin (perhaps Carbolin 19)
ECGG (is there any truth to a high dose negatively affecting T or Igf-1?)

Anything I could add/subtract to make this stack more potent? Most everything has been suggested by writers and I have been working on efficient doses for each.

Training: from what I have read, it seems like as long as you bust your ass doing complex lifts, results will come. We have mandatory lifting for my team 3x week which consists of front squats, db bench, pull-ups, push ups, and others. I plan on starting out with an 8-12 rep range for the first 6 weeks, followed by 12-20 the next 6, followed by either 10x3 or complexes while on the GSD. I absolutely love the pain of hard training, and like when I played high school football, I leave everything I have in the gym.

So there it is. Any comments/criticism would be GREATLY appreciated. What worked for you guys when trying to get super lean/ prepping for a contest? Anything I am missing here, or info you feel would be pertinent to know? Thanks a lot and long live T-Mag!

Oh, and I cant forget my morning NEPA walks with a weighted vest!

[quote]ThePursuit wrote:
ECGG (is there any truth to a high dose negatively affecting T or Igf-1?)

I’ve never read anything about EGCG effecting T one way or the other. The only risk of high EGCG dosage is the oxalates found in tea, however the bioavailability is quite low and nothing to be concerned about. If you are getting your EGCG from tea of course.

I assumed the only way to get the adequate amount of ECGG to start seeing fat-los benefits was to take green tea in pill form . . .

Supposedly, I take about 1100mg a day in pill form, split over 2 doses.

[quote]ThePursuit wrote:
I assumed the only way to get the adequate amount of ECGG to start seeing fat-los benefits was to take green tea in pill form . . . [/quote]

Depends on how much you like tea! I drink between 8 and 12 cups of premium loose leaf green, white, and red tea per day. The EGCG content is not easy to find when purchasing tea, especially when it comes to the more exotic loose variations. One of Cy’s articles from awhile back had a few studies on the actual content of some of the big brands(Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, etc)and the highest content found was 99mg EGCG per 100ml serving. Now, the tea leaves used in those brands is the absolute bottom end of the spectrum in quality. It’s crap in a bag basically.

I’ve heard from a few sites that the catechin content of premium loose teas is at least twice that of the tea dust you buy in the grocery store. Further more, green tea extract capsules are a crap shoot as well as Cy found in his article the actual catechin content of the extract was between 9% abd 48% of what the bottle claims. Crazy stuff.

Believable, either way, I like the way they make me feel so it’s all good for me.