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Preparing for Next Blast, Thoughts on Dosages?

Hi guys,

New member but not new to training or gear.
I’m currently cruising on 200mg of Test E and am preparing for my next blast.

I’m happy with the choice of compounds but I would just like some feedback on the dosages.
Any feedback would be great.
The protocol is as follows:

1-16 Test E 500mg

1-16 EQ 750mg

1-12 Tren Ace 450mg

1-5 Dbol 50mg ed

Thanks in advance :muscle:t3:

What have you run in the past? Without knowing your history how could we know? I’ll admit, I wouldn’t give advice on advanced cycles anyway as that’s past my comfort level but there are people here to advise you… just need more info.

Tren, EQ, and dbol…I would say you should invest in a good BP monitor if you don’t already have one. Otherwise I imagine that cycle will be pretty serious. What’s your goal?

Test too high to be run with Tren. Low test high tren is better in every way possible.


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Thanks, that’s exactly why I was asking. I’ve been debating on dropping the test down to 300mg

You have too many aromatising compounds in there to be running Tren. Either drop the Tren or drop the Dbol and keep Test at TRT dose (>150mg/wk), the EQ should be fine.


I’ve run Dbol and Tren together previously quite a few times and was always able to keep things in check with AI’s (which I will be running as usual).
I didn’t think it would be an issue now as the only compound I’m adding this time is EQ in which the aromatization value is about 50% the rate of test.

Also I will drop the test down to my usual cruise/maintenance levels, which is usually 150mg-200mg max

Have you run tren/test/dbol or just tren/dbol?

I hear tren and dbol is a very good cycle. I do not know your cycle history but usually people fall into 1 of 2 categories, those that can handle high test high tren and those that cannot. If you have done it in the past with no sides then of course continue to run it that way.

I assumed you hadnt run all of the above with tren.


I’ve run test Tren Dbol before.
However, this will be the first time throwing EQ into the mix.

I would say I have run 12+ cycles now and I’ve been blasting and cruising for the last 12 months.