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Preparing For Iraq

hey, this question is specifically aimed at those in Iraq or those who have recently returned. i just found out that my unit (infantry) will be heading over in the fall. i don’t know our mission will be, though. my question is: what would you suggest I focus on for a PT/workout rountine now, and in the pre-deployment phase with my soldiers?



Do a lot of cardio work in a very hot environment. It is stupid hot over there and very arrid. Go to a rubbish gym with out air con and speed march on a tread mill with a bergen or weighted vest on.

Hey man, I just got back a month ago and I’m a grunt so here’s my input…We did very fast paced patrols and movements that included climbing lots of stairs and walls. I recommend running long distance like 3 miles with sprints added in (indian runs could work) with full gear (flack w/sapi plates, kevlar, full camelbak, TO weapon). Don’t forget that you’ll have full mags and grenades so that will weigh you down even more and have less mobility. Throw an obstacle course in there too so you get used to climbing. Also do stuff like firemans carrys. Best of luck to you. Semper Fi.

thanks for the input fellas. right now i’m trying to strengthen my shoulders/low back (chronic issues), but will transition into more GPP/cardio type workouts prior to pre-deployment. seriously, i didn’t even think to run stairs…good point!

Good Luck Bro

yea good luck man.

From an ‘average’ citizen (but a T-Nation’er)of the USA, THANK YOU.

Hope you’ll accept some wellwishing from a chair-forcer. I think the indian runs are definitely a good idea. I would think more bodyweight style for lifting, but I’m not real sure. Only tip I can give for over there is drink water whenever you can, you won’t even realize you’re sweating your ass off.
Take care of yourself and your boys over there, and know we’re all pullin for ya!!