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Preparing for Endoscopy & Colonoscopy


I am having them both done at the same time. Has anyone has these done together and can give me some advice on how to prep for it.

The nurse said I could not eat anything solid the day before on Thursday and would have to wait to eat until after I'm done on Friday afternoon. This is going to be very difficult for me as I my hunger is out of control right now on a normal day, much less going a whole day without food.

What kinds of foods and drinks can I consume. I read something that said you could eat a good breakfast the day before the procedure, and then nothing solid after that. I am thinking of just eating my normal eggs and oatmeal on Thursday, but have not decided yet. My nurse said jello is good and chicken broth and sugary drinks like gatorade or pepsi. I read online that ice cream is ok. Could you please add to this list of things you can consume before the test. Due to my hunger situation, I am looking for things that could fill me up in addition to other foods/drinks.

Jello (not red)
Chicken Broth
Ice cream (not sure)
Sugary drinks

If you know of good links on preping for the endoscopy/colonoscopy tests then I would love to read them as well.

The reason I am having the tests done is to look for underlying cause of why I have low iron and am anemic. I also have alot of other levels out of range which could be caused from issues related to my stomach. The Doc I am working with is good and I feel confident that he will be able to figure out what is going on.

I have looked into Candida and think that I might have it based on a water test I did this morning. It was the one where you spit into the glass after waking up and look to see if the spit is sinking and looks stringy/spider web and basically see if the spit settles on the bottom in a film like substance. Sure enough, this is exactly what happened this morning and could explain why I am been feeling so bad lately. If you don't have Candida, then I think the spit is just supposed to float on the top of the glass. This water test could be bogus, but I mentioned to the doc nonetheless.

I am also having some pain in upper left stomach, near my spleen and mentioned it to doc and am having an abdominal ultrasound done tommorrow. I looked into problems with spleen and some look pretty serious so hopefully this is not an issue.

Thanks in advance.


well i have had an endoscopy done twice, but never the colonoscopy.

first time there was a huge waiting list unless I did it without sedation, i figured "how bad could it be?" so I did it. It. Was. Hell. I gagged and dry heaved like crazy and had to lie there helpless feeling like crap.

The second time I was smart and got the sedation. It. Was. Awesome. :slightly_smiling: I was nervous as hell because of the last time, as they injected the sedation I asked how out of it I would be, and then I woke up in recovery :slightly_smiling: i slept through the whole thing...or i tore the place up in a fit of rage...but if i did i don't remember it :slightly_smiling:

I ate the day before, just not 12 hours prior (all night). but i think with the colonoscapy they have you take an (milder) exlax type substance to clean yourself out the day before. So that might be why. But it reads like you are not sure if that is the case so i suggest you clear that up.

So all in all, relax, it will be no problem, you'll get a nice nap out of it. i would say relax and enjoy...but that would sound wrong.


Insist on anaesthesia. I had sedation, was wide awake through the colonoscopy part. Now I know what 'raped in prison' feels like.

For some reason, they always want to put the IV in your hand, which on me hurts like a MFer. If you know they'll insist, get some EMLA and put it on the spot 3 hours beforehand. Of course, now I say it goes in my arm or the procedure doesn't happen. So they simply comply and there's nothing more to it. Bastards.

I've had 4 colonoscopies, btw. My digestive system has never been the best. Had a peptic ulcer once so they want to scope me every once in a while.


I had a colonoscopy done because my father had polyps and my doctor is paranoid, so I had mine done 15 years earlier than normal.

I was put under, so I don't remember a thing-- Goodnight Irene.....

The prep SUCKED!!!!! I bought just a ton of white grape juice, apple juice, and the lightest Gatorade. Also, I mixed in TwinLabs "Liquid Amino" which has the consistency/taste of concentrated orange juice to minimize protein loss. Doc was OK with it, but you might want to check.


I had a colonoscopy done twice in the last six years. The hardest thing is drinking the shit the day before. I couldn't have anything after breakfast.After that, Icould only have broth or jello. Then I had to drink an 8 oz. glass of this shit every ten minutes until the whole gallon was gone.

I started at 5:00Pm. 2 1/2 hours later I was done. This shit is nasty so here is some advice. It comes in 5 flavors. Pick a flavor that you don't like very much, because if you like cherry and the pick that. You will never like cherry again. Also refrigerate it the night before because it is a lot better cold. And last but not least is make sure you chug it down so you can get it down.


Same as SteelyD, but had conscious sedation. I was awake, but with IV demerol and versed, I could have cared less. The prep sucks,the runs ALL NIGHT LONG! but you have to to get cleaned out. Otherwise the doctor can't see anything.

I would think before the colonoscopy they would do an Occult Fecal Blood Test. I assume you did and it was positive.


Was that Go-Lytely? I did the Mag Citrate, three 12oz bottles. It's like a bitter lemon soda. The two Bell brothers were drinking it on Bigger-Stronger-Faster before a meet, to lose weight.


I chose the lemon-lime flavored one. After the 2nd one, I found that it had the heavy quality that I would guess that is the basis on how Drano works. When what goes in is the same color as what comes out, you're to the bottom of the 1/2 gallon.

I did my colonoscopy wide awake, I had too much to do that day and HAD to be able to drive. So they put an IV in the back of my hand (just in case), got out 200 feet of garden hose and had a go at my pooper.

It wasn't uncomfortable once they passed the 75 foot mark and I was out of there in 25 minutes.



A better alternative might be the small camera you can swallow, put into a big capsule. No sedation required. But if they find anything, then you have to go through the ordinary procedure (which is usually removing polyps).

Either way you have to do the prep. BTW: I used to do the whole massive prep but its really unnecessary. Simply don't eat the day before and take Dulcolax at half the amount they told you. Drink a lot of water or blue Gatorade. Never had a problem.

Note on the above: I follow the Warrior Diet so it means I simply skip my evening meal. I'm very used to controlling my hunger. Anyone eating 6 times a day or similar probably needs the massive cleaning out process.