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Preparing For College Football

I will be playing college football next fall and am going to make sure I show up ready to play. this is the schedule I use now for preparing for team camp in august.

Monday- barbell bench, dumbbell bench,
bent over rows, curls. Followed by sprints and agility work.

Tuesday- Snatches,snatch high pulls, powercleans, snatch grip deadlift, conventional deadlift. All deadlifts are done on 45 pound plates.

Thursday- barbell military, dumbbell military, bent over rows, and curls. Followed by a speed and agility session.

I also work a manual labor job and try and play basketball a couple times a week. Please give me some input on what you guys think.

forgot to post friday workout.

Friday- Snatches, jump squats, broad jumps, overhead squats, front squats, full squats.

I’ll also throw in some conditioning work once or twice a week. Something like tabata method.

What position will you be playing?
What is your height, weight, and bodyfat %?
Any vertical jump data?
What do your weights in the main lifts look like?

Your program is going to grossly overtrain your nervous system. Doing that many compound explosive movements in one week.

Either separate a quad dominate day, and a hip dominate day. To do your leg dominate powercleands, snatches, and deadlifts. Choose primarly one to focus on because the motor pattern is so similar.

Whats left if you use every olympic lift in the arsenal. Your body will adapt to quickly.

You should just be focusing on increasing your weight and knocking out your form.


should be of most important.

The powerclean will take care of most of your mid back strength so you dont need to be doing bent over rows the day before.

I think you would be better off setting up your schedule
mon thru friday.

monday, chest midback, maybe tricep

tuesday quad dominant, front squats, 1 legged squats, split squats or lunges.

wednsday, off

thurs shoulders, (mostly push press,)
some forearm work, and core training,

Friday hip dominant. lay it on the line
with Power cleans (done first) and the

Then give youself the weekend to recover.

There is also an article I wrote on the forum, called most time tested program. That is best used for football training. (SEARCH IT)

[quote]popasquat wrote:
What position will you be playing?
What is your height, weight, and bodyfat %?
Any vertical jump data?
What do your weights in the main lifts look like? [/quote]

I will be playing guard and center. I’m 6 2’, I weigh about 285 and have between 20 and 25% bodyfat. My vertical is about 23 inches. I can squat about 550 to parrallel. My deadlift is about 465, I plan to have this up to 500 by the end of the summer. I can powerclean about 250.

Your Powerclean is way off.
you should be shooting to get it over 300lbs rather quickly as that strength will correlate more closely on the football field.

you should be able to clean 60% of what your squating.

Bill Starr 5x5 is a great startup program for football…

When pre-season comes, EDT would be a good choice


The above is a link to Westside for Skinny Bastards II.

It’s a great template.

You could add in another leg day if you dont wish to do the strongman stuff. defrancostraining.com explains it in his Ask Joe section.

If you choose to not follow this template (which honestly, would be stupid), at least move your agility/speed work to before lifting. You want to be fresh for that work.

Hope this helps man, and seriously, listen to Joe Defranco!