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preparing for a refeed

It has been a little over a month since I strayed away from my clean ways of eating, and enjoyed the physiological, and physical benefits which come from eating “unhealthy”. I have planned a "refeed to occur on March 16th and it will take place at one of the best buffets in town, although I am only going to do this one meal, it will be quite a hefty one. I plan on eating a lot of pancakes and waffles along with potatoes, eggs benedict, cookies, pie, and an omellete or two. I plan on also doing 45 minutes of cardio immediately prior to this. Does anyone have any suggestions as to some things I might want to add or take away for that matter, and should I follow a pattern of eating after word that would benefit me for not taking on excess fat gains, any help appreciated

Some suggestions:

Minimize the fat intake as much as possible, and load up on the carbs. Carbs + fat = no good. Also, you may consider glucose disposal agents. Alpha lipoic acid is my agent of choice, preferably the r-form if you can get your hands on some. Other good ones include glucosol, d-pinitol and some recommend phaseolamin which is “supposed” to block a portion of the starchy carbs from being converted to sugar/fat, but you want as much glycogen storage as possible so you may not want to use this one…just an option depending on how out of control you’re going to get. Drink a load of water too. Do you have access to T2 (original formula)? This would be a good time to utilize it.

I didn’t see what time of day your refeed is, but if it’s an evening thing, get up the next morning and hit a 45 min. low to moderate intensity cardio session.

Last week I did a successful refeed that involved a Meltdown session with 3 cardio intervals, then I hit 3 scoops Surge w. an added full serving of Cell-Tech and a serving of Cytomax w. an extra 200 mg. lipoic acid, and two hours later did the same thing but took glucosol 1/2 hr. prior to the second meal. An absolute shitload of carbs but it worked nicely. I hit pretty close to 400 g. carbs between the two meals.

Just enjoy the meal for god sakes. Forget strategy; there is no point if you are doing this for one meal every couple of months.

…or, just do what Joel says.

J-Dog, I’m in complete agreement with J-Rule (Joel) on this one, as you know.

Monty, I appreciate your very directed and experienced comments for my man J, but he doesn’t need anything special this time around.

J-Dog is clean as a whistle. I’m trying to let him know that since this is a one-time affair and he trains like a beast and eats like an angel that this will not adversely affect his physique, will have positive effects on his psychology and refuel his awesome training.

Go for the gold, J! Have fun and don’t leave till you’re stuffed like a pinata!

J, I might recommend an interval session beforehand rather than a steady-state, low-intensity session. This will cause a more severe level of muscle stress and thus glycogen depletion.

That’s all. Just have a blast and jump back on track the next day. I wouldn’t worry about eating every two or three hours that day (of the Buffet) either. Just resume normal eating when hunger returns. If you’re not hungry then don’t eat. I doubt you’ll be in a caloric deficit:-)

Thank you both for the friendly advice, I do not have any of those supplements, as I try to base as much of what I can on the “essentials”, intense training, and proper nutrition without any side tracks. Although I am very confident that the amount of food I will be eating will not dent my physique, I am a " perfectionist, ans I am always seeking the best way to approach a situation. Like I stated earlier, this meal will come on a Sunday morning, and I will be eating it after a 45 minute cardio session, which I will do on an empty stomach. This will be my only cheat meal of the day, and the next day I will be training chest and traps followed by my normal 30 minute cardio session, which I will probably intensify due to the extra calories. Any way thanks again guys.