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Preparing for a Physique Contest

Hi everyone. I am about 6 weeks out from a physique competition. I just wanted to post a progress picture for anyone who wants to critique. Let me know what you think. Thanks everyone.

Quick Summary : my training is still heavy, well as heavy as I can. Plenty of compounds movements. Cardio is running with my dogs or hill sprints. Diet is very simple. My caloric deficit is about 500 calories, moderate protein, low-moderate carbs, low-moderate fat. It changes depending on how active I am on certain days.

Nice build man! I’m not sure that your conditioning will quite be there for bodybuilding in 6 weeks, but I think your quads are too much of a strength to hide in physique!

[quote]pwolves17 wrote:
Nice build man! I’m not sure that your conditioning will quite be there for bodybuilding in 6 weeks, but I think your quads are too much of a strength to hide in physique![/quote]



Thanks pwolves17 . I do like my quads, its too bad if I compete in physique they wear longer shorts, most competitions do anyway. I ll see what I can do in six weeks, if I am confident enough to go for bodybuilding.

After looking into different federations to compete in I can get more time to prepare for a bodybuilding competition. I do want to try it out. I know I don’t have the size, it’s not what I’m after. I would just like to try to get to that bodyfat level. It would be an interesting challenge. I still may compete in Mens Physique. This is how I’m looking right now. Also a recent video of me posing, not great lighting.

Well I’ve been trying Lyle McDonalds Ultimate diet 2.0 just as an experiment. It seems like an extreme diet, but from what I’ve read Lyle McDonald seems to be a well respected and smart man when it comes to fitness and nutrition. I’ve been giving it a try.

This diet is starting to kick my ass, but I’m getting lean though. So that’s a plus hehe

A recent posing video of me. Progress is going well.

Nice work so far.

It might help if you figure out how to control your abs a little bit more during your posing.

You seem to be good at contracting your upper abs, but not the lower. Try to make your waist/belly button area as small as you possible can. The way you are flexing right now, your lower ab region is relaxed and protruding a bit…not the illusion you want to create.

Good luck, keep it up!

You have a sweep on your thighs that most guys would kill for. Why on Gods green earth would you hide them? Put some more mass on and go BB in a year. Work them calves or your legs will look like a golfers tee. As said, some more chest work would help but all in time. Keep up the good work my friend.

Holy quads! How did you get those things?

@Serge A. Storms Yes I know what you mean. I definitely have to work on that. Thank you for the tips

@doublelung84 I definitely feel so bad if I have to hide them. I feel that I have better leg development compared to my upper body. If I could ring up my upper, I could be more competitive and give myself a better chance at BB. Thanks!

@kgildner haha but no one cares about the legs. It’s all about the chest and abs. lol I joke. Im lucky with my leg development. I just have to bring up my upper body. I guess I can say playing basketball back in high school may have helped.

[quote]FDumali wrote:
I guess I can say playing basketball back in high school may have helped. [/quote]

Wow. OK, I’m very jealous of your genetics if this is the case!

Keep up the good work!

Yeah your quads look great it would be a shame to put em away. Chest is a little small for BB much like my own, but if you can learn to pose big you still might do ok. If you can slip into the light weight class with your conditioning I think you could have a shot in BB. Light weight tends to have less competitors than middle, where all the short swole guys live.

Also the pic in your avatar in which you appear to be sumo deadlifting a ton would have much more to do with your leg development than basketball. For myself I attribute my quad sweep to wide stance squatting, which is very similar to sumo pulls, although conventional wisdom would place the emphasis for these movements on the glutes. I can’t help but believe the vastus lateralus takes a hit by this, perhaps by the way the knees are set up in relation to the hip. I still can’t explain it.

Yeah, I definitely get what you are saying about the sumo deads hitting the quads, I definitely feel it for sure.

I agree my chest is so flat haha Its a trouble area for me, its something im trying to focus on for sure. If i do compete in bodybuilding I would definitely try and get into lightweight, to give myself the best chance to be competitive. I really don`t want to hide my legs so I feel bodybuilding would be a better choice than physique hehe Thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

Well I have started my year long bulk. Ill be doing it in cycles. 6-8 weeks of bulking, and then 1-2 weeks of maintenance calories, just to give my body a break from all the food and the heavy training.

here is a video of me posing.

My goal of reaching 200lbs bodyweight has been reached.

A comparison of when I started to where I am now. This was 13 and a half weeks of bulking up

You weren’t fucking around with that bulk, you definitely put on some fat, don’t be overzealous, I’m in the camp that it’s not that necessary to up by percentage too high to gain weight. Once you get to a certain point you are gunning to hold on to a handful of lbs over a years time, don’t rush it.

I used to think it was about taking 2 steps forward and one step back. .5 steps forward and another .5 steps forward seems better to me now. Hitting a target weight is satisfying, but try and slim down for a week or so and you may discover it’s a lot if water, some fat and some food volume too